Handiwriter Writing Aid

Handiwriter Writing Aid

Handiwriter Writing Aid

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HandiWriter Writing Aid - available in Blue, Black & Red Options

A great new way to help children get the perfect writing style:

  • Perfect pencil position

  • Perfect finger position

  • Perfect wrist position

  • Perfect hand position

  • Better and more comfortable writing

This simple device is made up of a large loop made of soft elastic (like a hair scrunchy) that goes over the wrist, a small loop that goes around the pencil or pen and a cord with a charm on the end that is held in the palm of the hand. These work together to encourage a perfect grip and writing style without even trying!

We invited a friend's left-handed daughter round to try out the Handi Writer as were not sure if it was just a gimmick. She started with a fairly bad writing style, holding the pencil in a "fist" grip and very vertical so she could not see what she was writing and smudged her work straight away.

The first time she tried the Handi Writer, she immediately had a perfect writing position - her writing was hugely improved and she felt a lot more comfortable and it would be very difficult for her to smudge her work. Both her and her mother were amazed by the difference it made. This is definitely not a gimmick - it works really well.

Materials/Construction: Soft, comfortable, cotton stretch knit band, satin cord.

Instructions: The HandiWriter® is worn with the large loop around the wrist. The charm is held in the palm of the hand with the pinky and ring fingers. The thumb, first and middle fingers grasp a pencil and the top loop of the HandiWriter® is placed around the top of the pencil. This pulls the pencil back into the web of the hand, and forms the therapist recommended “TRIPOD GRIP”. Please also see the videos on this page.

Hand washing and air- drying is recommended. WARNING: This product contains small parts which could present a choking hazard. To ensure the safety of the user, adequate supervision is recommended.

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