The Left-hander's Handbook

The Left-hander's Handbook

The Left-hander's Handbook

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The Left-hander’s Handbook: How to Succeed in a Right- handed World - For Teachers and Parents of Left-handed Children - by Diane Paul

Diane Paul has studied left-handedness extensively. This handbook explores and defines the reasons for various different types of left-handedness. It provides a wealth of helpful tips and advice from leading experts, and offers lots of practical advice on overcoming difficulties, with sections on handwriting, knitting & crochet, playing musical instruments, etc - as well as research tips for those wishing to study Left-handedness.

First and foremost, the author provides invaluable advisory guidelines for how to minimise the practical problems left-handers face in a right- handed world.

These guidelines have been adopted as an educational resource for teachers by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER)- who are the leading independent provider of education research and insights.

Paperback, 114 pages.

Normally £11.95 - reduced to £9.95 for September 2022

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