So You think they’re left handed
So You think they’re left handed
So You think they’re left handed

So You think they’re left handed

So You think they’re left handed

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"So you think they're lefthanded?

Expert help for you and your pre-school child.

Our research suggests that few parents – and few teachers – are sufficiently conscious of the young left-hander's needs. Consequently, many young left-handers develop awkward writing habits which can cause discomfort, slow and not-very-legible writing. For the child, this can result in frustration, disinterest and a fall in self-esteem. For the teacher, a child with those symptoms indicates the possibility of reduction in achievement.

The Left Hand Writing Skills books published by Robinswood Press have helped tens of thousands of children worldwide – aged around 6 years or older and with established poor writing habits – to correct their left-handed fine motor skills and improve their achievement. But why do we unnecessarily create this need?

It is difficult to identify with absolute certainty whether a young child is left-handed or not. So, parents and teachers often ignore signs of left-handedness until a problem arises at school. That's where this book fits in.

Designed primarily for parents / grand parents of Early Years and Reception age children, this book helps to check out left-handedness in a fun, family way, and includes 32 drawing and cutting exercises where the natural flow is for a left-hander.

Without creating an 'issue' for the child, the parent can then inform teachers of probable left-handedness. The teacher can then implement the simple yet often ignored guidelines for development of appropriate fine motor skills – and avoid the anguish where left and right elbows clash unnecessarily in the classroom!

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