Manuscript Scribe Left Handed Calligraphy Set

Manuscript Scribe Left Handed Calligraphy Set

Manuscript Scribe Left Handed Calligraphy Set

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Manuscript Scribe Left-handed Calligraphy Set - A versatile set for all handwriting styles offering an alternative to the more traditional italic cut nib. European in style, the rounded edge of the nibs provide a softer smoother writing experience that allows you to write more fluidly in all directions. Perfect for beginners & expers alike.

How is this calligraphy set lefthanded?

This is a fully left-handed set with the specially designed left-handed nibs already installed in the pen nib units.

Left-handed nibs are manufactured with the tip slanted in the opposite direction - they are also cut at a slightly steeper angle and are a little more rounded, allowing for them to be more easily ‘pushed’ when writing with the left hand.

The most comfortable way for left-handers to write is to ‘push’ rather than ‘pull’ a pen across the page, and so for lefties, these nibs produce results of superbly smooth, neat Calligraphy.

This set includes:

  • Scribe pen model with soft touch grip for comfort hold
  • Selection of 3 left-handed nibs:
    • 1.5mm - 2B
    • 2.3mm - 3B
    • 2.7mm - 4B
  • 2 ink cartridges.
  • Instruction leaflet.

Made in the UK

Basic care and maintenance instructions for your Fountain Pen:

Nibs only need to be cleaned after prolonged continuous use or when they are being changed. It also helps to clean the nib before changing cartridge / ink colour. Nibs do not need to be cleaned frequently provided that the cap is replaced on the pen after use each time. Frequent cleaning may hinder the ink flow as the surface has been treated to improve ink flow and washing will eventually remove the treatment.

If you are having difficulties in getting the ink to flow:

1. Ensure the cartridge is pushed firmly up into place.

2. Tap your nib gently on paper drawing the pen backwards & forwards across the paper several times to encourage flow.

3. In case of difficulties in getting the ink to flow just wash your nib under lukewarm water. Also placing a damp tissue/pad across the nib before using it has been found to assist.

4. To clean the nib, remove the ink cartridge then hold the nib under lukewarm running water with a weak washing up solution. Dry it carefully with paper tissue.

5. Sometimes it is necessary to start your pen by gently squeezing the ink cartridge or if you are using a converter push the plunger until a little ink appears on the underside of the nib. Take care as there is danger some might spill! If you do create a blob of ink on the paper you can dip the nib into this to encourage flow.

Using calligraphy inks you might experience that the ink dries faster compared to standard inks. Make sure you replace the pen cap after use and in case of difficulties in getting the ink to flow repeat the above steps.

For everyday writing we recommend the use of standard washable ink. Never use waterproof or pigmented inks, which will clog your pen.

Do not drop or knock your pen against a hard surface. To avoid accidental damage, replace the cap after use.

Always carry a fountain pen with the nib pointing upwards.

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