Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off)

Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off)

Left Handers Discovery Set (33.3% Off)

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Left-handers Discovery Set (33% off).

This set contains key equipment for a safe and easy Left-handed life - and to show your friends and family what is different about Left-handed products. Fully left-handed versions of our most popular items. This set includes:

  • Westcott EasyGrip Lefty Soft Grip Scissors 20cm/8"
    Blades reversed with the left blade on top so you can see your cutting line and get a clean, straight cut
  • Lefthanded pocket Waiter's Corkscrew
    Manufactured with an anti-clockwise screw. Hold in the left hand and turn anti-clockwise in a natural motion for left-handers - no need to turn the bottle ..... and great fun to leave out for right- handers to be confused by!
  • Lefthanded tin Opener With Rotary Geared Action & integrated bottle opener
    Grip the 2 long handles in your right hand and turn the short handle with your left.
  • Deglon Dual Bladed Peeler
    Removes a thin layer of peel smoothly & effortlessly. Comfortable non slip handle. Double edges for left (or right!) handed use. Dishwasher safe.
  • Stabilo EasyGraph Pencils (pack of 2))
    Ergonomically designed triangular graphite pencil, with unique in- built lefthanded non-slip grip mouldss.
  • Westcott lefthanded clear Plastic Ruler 15cm/6"
    Scaled from right to left for easy measuring...and less smudging!
  • Lefthander's A6 Notepad
    Pages glued on the right hand edge - easy to tear off when wrtiting Left-handed. 75 pages A6 size (10 x 15cm / 4 x 6").
  • Lefthanded 2 hole Sharpener
    When sharpening, hold the sharpener in your right hand and turn the pencil in a natural direction with your left.

The products are packed in a good quality zip seal clear bag with an insert giving full product details and makes an ideal present.

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