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Royal Mail no longer allow us to Export these items using their service so we are now using Fedex to handle exports of kitchen knives & safety cutters. We were hoping to include an option to split shipments with knives coming from Italy & the rest of the order from our warehouse but unfortunately the costings just do not work.

We apologise for the invonvenience caused by Royal Mail

Left Handed Cheese Knife 12cm / 4.5"

Left Handed Cheese Knife 12cm / 4.5"

Left Handed Cheese Knife 12cm / 4.5"

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Left-handed Cheese Knife, 12 cm / 4.75" with serrated blade

How is this cheese knife lefthanded?

The Everest range of single edged lefthanded knives are specifically manufactured in Italy to have the blade serrated or sharpened only on the right. This counters the instinctive pulling/twisting motion of the left hand and gives a clean, accurate straight cut with much less effort.
For a more detailed explanation, please see the "more info" tab above.


  • Manufactured using high grade Stainless Steel (W.Nr. 1.4116.)
  • Blue ergonomic non-slip handle for comfort & safety.
  • Sharp serrated blade with 3 prong fork on the end.
  • Dishwasher safe (though we suggest drying by hand at the end of the cycle).
  • Produced by a leading Italian manufacturer
  • Lifetime Guarantee against faulty workmanship or defects in materials - subject to correct usage and cleaning.

Although our knives may look similar to mass produced knives, they really are a cut above! Try them and you will see just how good a proper lefthanded knife is to use!

The majority of mass produced knives on the market are double bevelled (see diagram) – moving the cut food away from the knife on both sides – unfortunately this often results in an uncomfortable twisting motion for left handers (as well as food that is not cut straight!).

So, when you look at most mass produced knives you see a sort of V shaped edge —two slanting sides – which form the double bevel below.

By using a single bevel on the right hand side of the blade (as you hold the knife in your left hand) & only sharpening / serrating the knife on the bevelled edge, our knives give left handers a straight clean cut which directs the cut food away on one side of the knife only.

Left Handed Cheese Knife 12cm / 4.5"

Our knives may look similar to mass produced knives (especially our bread knife) but when you try the knives out you will notice how much quicker & easier it is to cut products in a straight line.

They are the culmination of 60+ years of experience in manufacturing products for left handers – and are manufactured in Italy for quality and consistency.

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