Deglon Left Handed Decozest Citrus Zester

Deglon Left Handed Decozest Citrus Zester

Deglon Left Handed Decozest Citrus Zester

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Deglon Left-handed Decozest Citrus Zester

Perfect tool to effortlessly zest citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, etc into thin strips – leaving behind all the bitter pith.

How is this zester lefthanded?

The groove (when you want thicker strips or for decorating fruit/veg) is on the opposite side to a right- handed version so that it cuts when the Decozest is pulled towards you with your left hand. This ensures proper control and consistency of cut & width of peel - if you try to do this using a right- handed version in your left hand and peeling away from your body …. it all gets very messy!

5 sharp- edged little holes at the top of the blade make it easy and convenient to use – so much quicker & cleaner than using a grater therefore giving you much better control so you only get the outer layer of the skin and not the pith below.

Uses: Cooking, Baking, Decorating Cocktails…

Stainless steel blade with comfortable black polypropylene handle.

Overall Length approx 15cm / 6"

Dishwasher Safe

Made by Deglon, France

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