Darlac Expert Left Handed Pruner

Darlac Expert Left Handed Pruner

Darlac Expert Left Handed Pruner

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Darlac Expert Left-handed Secateur / Pruner

How are these secateurs lefthanded?

This classic design Secateur / Pruner has been specifically designed for left hand use by having the blades reversed so that the top cutting blade is on the left - resulting in a precise clean cut

Suitable for professional and amateur gardeners alike, the precision- ground blade on this pruner is able to handle both heavy duty tasks, as well as light pruning, with great ease and accuracy. A decisive tensioning system with locking plate prevents the blades from loosening during use. Blade can be easily sharpened and is specially coated to give a clean cut and resist rust (subject to correct after care and storage).


  • SK5 carbon steel for a razor shrap edge & resistance to wear / corrosion
  • Slim profile, non-slip red handles
  • Forged aluminium body
  • Tension adjustable blade for utlimate performance
  • Shock absorbing buffers incorporated into handles
  • Safety lock for when not in use
  • Replaceable parts
  • Wire cutting notch

Max cutting capacity: 2.5cm / 1"

Overall length 21.5cm / 8.5"

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