Royal Mail now only allow shipments of Kitchen Knives / Safety Cutters within the UK where they are shipped using their Age Tracked Service.

Royal Mail no longer allow us to Export these items using their service so we are now using Fedex to handle exports of kitchen knives & safety cutters. In addition, for the EU & USA currently (more countries coming soon), we are able to split the order so that our kitchen knives are sent from outside the UK and the rest of your order is shipped from our warehouse as normal.

We apologise for the invonvenience caused by Royal Mail

Including Knives

Sets including kitchen knives

Left Handed University / College Essentials Set

£35.68 Ex Tax: £29.73

Left-handed University / College Essentials Set. Save 27.5% by buying these items as this setThis se..

Left Handers Ultimate Discovery Set (30% Off)

£68.04 Ex Tax: £56.70

Left-handers Ultimate Discovery Set (30% Off)A great selection from across our range of left-handed ..

Left-Handers Kitchen Starter Set

£39.95 Ex Tax: £33.29

Left Handers kitchen Starter Set Save over 18% on the prices for buying the items individually..Sor..

Set of 3 Left Handed Knives With Scalloped Blades And Blue Handles

£49.20 Ex Tax: £41.00

Set of 3 Left-handed knives with scalloped blades and blue handles. Save 17.5% on the prices for buy..

Set of 4 Left Handed Knives With Bevelled Blades And Blue Handles

£57.40 Ex Tax: £47.83

Set of 4 Left-handed knives with bevelled blades and blue handles. Save 17.5% on the prices for buyi..

Set of 4 Small Kitchen Knives

£33.98 Ex Tax: £28.32

Save 17.5% by buying as a set (compared to the individual prices). All of the left-handed knives hav..

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