Can Openers

No more spills! A left-handed tin opener is held in the right hand and the rotary handle turned away from you with the left hand, on the left side of the tin - allowing left-handers to use their stronger and more comfortable hand

What makes our Can Opener the best Left handed can opener you can by? - Everest Left handed can openers are manufactured in Italy using the highest quality stainless steel (whilst other brands are often made from cheap materials elsewhere in the world).

Left Handed Tin Opener

£9.95 Ex Tax: £8.29

Left-handed Can Opener with geared rotary action. How is this can opener lefthanded? The stainless s..

Left Handed Tin Opener - some scratches

£7.96 Ex Tax: £6.63

Left-Handed Tin Opener with geared rotary action - with some scratches. Unexpectedly, we have a smal..

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