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You have the left hand! (in Spanish)

You have the left hand

I was in Spain with some friends recently and after I had deftly persuaded the waiter to make us a special coffee when he really didn't want to (Cremaet), my friend said “Tu tienes mano izquierda” – You have the left hand.

Apparently it is a common expression for someone who has been clever and got their way with someone who wasn't keen. She explained it as “going round the back of them”, or as we would say in English, “getting around them”.
We liked this as we don't find many positive uses of left-handedness in language.

Do you have any phrases in your language that refer to the left hand in a positive way? Please add them as a comment below, with an explanation.

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11 comments on “You have the left hand! (in Spanish)
  1. Pearl says:

    I have a wicked left-hand

    In tennis being a lefty is a great advantage

  2. Roslyn says:

    Many, many years ago, at the completion of my motor vehicle driving test, the examiner asked me if I was left-handed. When I replied that I was, he then said, ‘no wonder your reverse parking was spot on, I only see this perfection with left-handed drivers.’

  3. Mary Mann says:

    Left handed people are the only ones in their right mind

  4. Robin Champion says:

    That idea came out of left field – a creative idea

  5. Lori Pierce says:

    My favorite saying is “When nothing does right…go left.”

  6. Beauvallet says:

    In France to have a left hand means somebody clumsy or tactlessness

  7. Angela Cano says:

    Hi, the expression is: “Tienes mano izquierda”
    Tienes la mano izquierda does mean you are dumb


  8. John Hollimon says:

    In the Canary Islands (and the rest of Spain I suppose) this drink is called “Leche Leche”. Very tasty. I have convinced a coffee shop near by me here in Arkansas to make it.

  9. Margaret Laing says:

    I love this. I wonder, too, whether it’s related to the U.S. expression of “getting (or having) the upper hand.” I love the neutrality of that one — I’ve seen studies that say when you fold your hands, you put your real dominant one on the top. So upper just refers to dominant, not which side it is. Whew.

  10. Milind Dhundiraj Lagwankar says:

    Yes , in Marathi, we say ‘माझ्या डाव्या हाताचा मळ’ it means ‘it is very easy’! when we use left hand☺

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