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Video demonstration of popular left-handed items

We have put together a combination video showing why left-handers need different version of everyday items and how the left-handed versions work for us.

You can either watch the full 6-minute video below or just click the timeline to go the part you are interested in.

Use the links below to find out more about the products available – 















Tin openers






Pencil sharpeners


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13 comments on “Video demonstration of popular left-handed items
  1. Christine says:

    This is a fantastic visual training tool for anyone who is right handed so they get to understand / see why some tasks are such a hassle using such right handed utensils. That our irritations are not made up !! .
    It is a must for any parent, care giver, grandparent, family member, child minder, nursery nurse, teacher, support worker and so forth who are not left handed but have a left hander either as part of the family or under their supervision so to speak.
    My only criticism is that where you show two people sitting next to each other and writing at the table, one left handed and one right handed, it is very evident that for the right hander to be on the left side of the left hander, their arms will get in the way of each other .. it might have been better to either point this issue out or have the left hander sitting on the left side at the table. table.

  2. Ms Dale Routliffe says:

    I live in Chesterville Ontario Canada, my 3 year old grandson is starting school in Sep. Problem. He is very smart however being left handed he is having problems printing. Question. Do you sell school supplies for left handed prekindergarten I.e.. child proof scissors, pencil, as well as other things. How much Cdn to get him started. Is there anywhere in or near Ottawa On where I can purchase the items I need?

  3. Nuala says:

    This is a very interesting video to show to my right-handed friends and family. There are some very useful products in the video with solutions for us lefties in a righthanded world. However, while you show the problem with writing, you don’t actually show any solutions to dragging our hands through our words. It’s a shame we just can’t write backwards all the time.

  4. Chris Armour says:

    I’m sure some of the problems shown in the video are exaggerated in order to sell a product, just like those annoying “wonder gadget” videos in the supermarkets 😀 I agree that LH scissors would be useful, but I’ve never had a problem with peelers, corkscrews, can openers or pencil sharpeners. Plus, the expense, confusion & clutter of doubling up on everything if you share the house with a “righty” 😀

  5. jenepen says:

    Very interesting. It amazes me how much I have had to adapt these past 60 or so years. I guess it has made me the better person for persevering, though I am somewhat ambidextrous which has helped.

  6. Colin Cook says:

    Cash machines really annoy me! The card entry slot is always on the right hand side, and I struggle to retrieve ithe card after the transaction, using my left hand.

  7. Gordon Mendum says:

    Is there an instruction, written or animated, for tying a Windsor knot in your tie?

  8. Marianne Schaffner says:

    This is a wonderful video! Now I understand why I was never able to peel potatoes, open cans or wine bottles and so forth. By the time I was given a pair of left handed scissors it was too late. I really couldn’t get used to them. Hopefully, things will be easier for the young children of today!

  9. Jan Hurst-Nicholson says:

    Thanks for this useful video. My book for left-handed children ‘The Race’ is being translated into Chinese and I’ve given the translators the link to make it easier for them to understand the problems. Only one of the translators is actually left-handed.

  10. Jennifer Shearouse says:

    I love these products. I am a leftie that had to adapt to righties world. The only thing they had in the 70’s were left handed scissors. Oh, and old lady teachers that smacked your hand and put your pencil in the right hand. Witches!

  11. Laurie T says:

    I would like to share this on FB but don’t see a share button.

  12. Liz Tomkinson says:

    My most favourite item for left-handers is the metal measure, but a fellow lefty I showed it to (a builder) protested that the clip on its side is for right-handed use! I never need to attach it to my belt so had not been aware.

  13. Barry W Arcala says:

    Are your products available in “The Colonies (“U.S.A.”)? If so, what are your prices in U.S. dollars? Do you have an American affiliate; or know of a similar American organization?

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