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Using Coupon Codes to get a discount

A Coupon Code is a series of letters and numbers, for example ABC2,   that you can enter into the box in our Shopping Cart to get a discount on your order.   Members of the Left-Handers Club receive coupon codes for discounts on a regular basis in our monthly newsletters, so if you are not already a member:
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We typically offer discounts such as:

  • A percentage off of the total value of your order
  • A fixed discount on orders over a certain value
  • Discounts on particular products, multiple purchases or product combinations

NOTE that coupon codes all have a limited life and are set to expire on a certain date and that you can only use one coupon code per order so it is not possible to get multiple discounts on the same items.

To use your coupon code, add the items you want to your order then View Cart, type in your code (the current code, not LHC63) and click the Update button.

Here is a short video we made to show how it works (this uses an old wesbite design but the way the coupons work is exactly the same):

We hope you enjoy your left-handed products and also paying less for them!

Join the Left-Handers Club Free here to make sure you don't miss any discount codes.

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