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Turn right-handed scissors upside down?

Left handed scissors have the blades reversedI must comment on one very common misunderstanding –
If you turn a pair of right handed scissors upside down, they are STILL RIGHT-HANDED SCISSORS!   The top blade is on the right so you can't see your cutting line if you hold them in your left hand and you are still pushing the blades APART with your natural squeezing motion so they don't cut.
To be LEFT-handed, scissors have to be made specially with the blades reversed so the LEFT blade always on top.
See our video here:

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13 comments on “Turn right-handed scissors upside down?
  1. blackbombchu says:

    Achiral objects that don’t have a mirror plane actually exist but scissors are not one of them. For example, an object with inversion centre symmetry is achiral. There are probably even some people who believe an asymmetrical object like a can opener can be rotated into its mirror image because they haven’t figured out the math that shows that you can’t get a reflection out of a continuous changing rotation.

  2. blackbombchu says:

    The benefit of being able to do complex tasks with either hand is not restricted to left-handers adapting to a right-handed world. I was born right-handed but in 2009, I purposely decided to start using my left hand for a lot of things like in and now I’m mixed-handed but very close to ambidextrous and I can quickly and accurately cut cords out of shrimp with my left hand. There was no need for me to live in a left-handed world for me to enjoy that benefit because I was smart enough to purposely decide to change hands for the purpose of gaining that benefit later.

  3. Janet Nazer says:

    I have never used right handed scissors with my left hand; if I have, it’s too awkward. I prefer to cut with my right hand.

  4. Tanya says:

    Until they came out with left handed scissors, that’s exactly what I would do with right handed scissors. They felt better upside down I hand.

  5. faisal says:

    idea of left-handed scissors is nice, but if there is ambidextrous scissors, it’s better because left-handed can lend it to the right-handed

  6. Amelie says:

    I am in my mid-thirties now and I only discovered the left-handed scissors when I was in university. It took a while to adjust to the different position of the blades cos I was used the squeezing the handles of a right-handed scissors in a certain way so the blades cut better (I’m sure you all know what I am talking about! 🙂
    While I am truly grateful for the invention of the left-handed scissors, I am also thankful that growing up in a right-handed world, I can do a lot of things with either my right or left hand, and I learned to adjust and use right-handed stuff (like a pair of scissors, certain cooking spatulas, even cameras). For example, I hold a scissors with my left hand and I can use any pair of scissors, whether left-handed or right-handed, without a problem. My stationary often goes missing (I’m a teacher) but my 3 pairs of left-handed scissors have never ever gone missing! A right-handed person can’t use my left-handed scissors so it’s never been ‘borrowed’. Now I tell my brother (who’s 2nd daughter is left-handed) to let her learn with a right-handed scissors first before giving her the left-handed one, just to develop her motor skills.
    I guess it’s a left-handed thing that because of growing up in a predominantly right-handed world, we have less trouble doing tasks with either hand, as compared to right-handers.

  7. Nick says:

    I purchased a pair of left handed scissors a few years ago. When using right handed scissors in my left hand, it makes my thumb sore as the handles are designed for right hand use. Sadly i found the left handed scissors impossible to use. The handles were great and so comfortable but I could not get used the the blades being reversed. I still use right handed scissors but I try to purchase ones that do not have handles solely for right hand use. I’d love a pair with right hand blades but left hand handles.

    • blackbombchu says:

      Since scissors with right-handed blades and left-handed handles don’t exist, I think you’ll be glad later if you start using scissors with left-handed blades and handles and put up with the temporary bother of practicing the skill of using them until you master it.

  8. Liderien says:

    I have to admit, I am very skilled in using right handed scissors or any other tool for that matter. I have become amidextrous. I still prefer the left hand over the right, but I do not struggle with having to use the right hand. Though, when I sit at a table with others i choose the outside left chair so that I may eat and cut without bumping elbows.

  9. chuck-o says:

    That does not work for me. Still can’t cut anything very well. How about power tools, they are for right’s. 62 years old, and I have learded to adapt.

  10. Ken Johnson says:

    Quite right. They have rotational symmetry so the only way to turn a right handed pair of scissors into a left handed pair of scissors is to live in a non-euclidean hyperplane.

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