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Reminder about our teacher training survey

In our last newsletter we featured our new survey where we are asking parents of left-handed children to pass a survey form to their teachers.   We want to find out more about what support is being given to the children and also what training teachers are being given in how to help left-handed children with writing and other activities.

We get a lot of emails every week from parents complaining about lack of support or telling us about problems their children are having at school and this is a chance to DO something about it.

We need your help so we can get a large number of survey responses to justify a campaign to improve things.   If you have left-handed children at school or have any involvement in schools or teaching, please take a few minutes to download the survey form, get it completed and give us your feedback.

You can get the full background on this here:

and please use this link to download the survey form

(it is 3 pages with 20 questions in total)

We know from experience that teachers welcome the opportunity to help their left-handed pupils, but are unaware of the steps they can take to do so.   This survey is designed to help us understand where we can best provide the information they need, and is in no way a criticism of individual teacher's ability!   Having tried other methods of getting this vital information into our children's schools, we feel our own “Parent Power” is by far the most effective and powerful approach and hope you will assist us in gathering the information we need to make a difference.

Thanks for your help and we will be in touch again soon with feedback on the results and what we are doing next.

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9 comments on “Reminder about our teacher training survey
  1. Jackie Hammack says:

    Hello my name is Jackie and I think that what you’re doing is wonderful I was things as a kid growing up at school and learning was difficult because I was left-handed having the knowledge today back then would have been so helpful so I think what you guys are doing is awesome let me know if I can help in any way thank you

  2. Jackie Hammack says:

    Hello. My name is Jackie and I am absolutely stoked about what you’re trying to do. I was really teased and picked on in school, and made fun of because i was left handed. It really made learning difficult for me. I couldn’t grasp learning properly because I was never really taught how to use my left hand for most things I do with my right hand. I think what you’re doing is awesome keep up keep it up. Also, please let me know when I can do to help out.

  3. Helen says:

    My 8year old daughter is left handed . My husband and I are both right handed . We are from Wales in the United Kingdom . There is no help what’s so ever in our schools . I have struggled on my own to help her write neatly . I have been back and forth to the school for help , bottom line is they are not interested .

  4. Brandi says:

    When I WAS in school I was never given any support. The teachers tried to force me to become right-handed but I couldn’t do it because I suffer with cerebral palsy on the entire right side. It would be interesting to see a questionnaire done on adults who were forced to be righties but did not have support & were still able to become lefties!

  5. Rob says:

    I’m a secondary school visual art teacher here in Australia. I’ve never been discouraged from being left handed, and I think most lefties take it in their stride and adapt to different situations fairly easily. In the class room I always seek out the lefties and discuss being left handed with them, and try to make them aware of their specialness – make them aware of International Left Handers Day etc.

    When I was at uni and art school in the mid ’70’s, that was the only time I came across an example of left handed discrimination. In our final year we had to pass a chalkboard writing test, but the lecturer insisted it had to be done right handed. In my art class of about twenty five, there were about eleven of us who were left handed. We all complained, but the lecturer was an idiot. I just did a bit of right handed practice, passed the test, and never used my right hand for writing again.

    I’m also a drummer in several bands, and teach drums as well. I play right handed on a right handed kit, as when I was initially learning, my teacher was unaware , as was I and my parents. Now that I’m teaching, I check out all new left handed students. If they are left footed (we kick a ball in the back yard), I suggest that they learn left handed (the major parts of the kit get reversed). But I point out the disadvantages, the main one being less opportunities at school to play the drumkit in music class as it’s always set up right handed, and most teachers haven’t the time or the expertise to reset it. With the drumkit, the approach is to strive for ambidexterity and even handedness. I also encourage them to learn double bass pedals from an early age, as this can really play with your head. If like me, you are left footed but play right handed, but try to play double pedals later in life, it can get confusing – my top limbs lead with the right, but my lower limbs want to lead with the left.

    Thank you for the news letters. I always find them interesting, and even at my age they make aware of aspects of my left handedness that I hadn’t considered.

  6. TJ says:

    Save you the trouble of going through a questionaire. In Kenya if you are a left handed student you just sort yourself out. The teachers will not bother with you. 🙂

  7. Ken B says:

    I regret that this is crazy. I for one have been left handed all my life and never felt I need any kind of support. By offering support you give the kids the idea that there is a problem giving them a complex. Left handed people are as clever and adaptable some time more so than their right handed. You may recall that in the past lefties were considered handicapped. Children of the devil and so on. This was stupid. Take a look at all the leaders of the world. Are you suggesting that the president of the US needs support. Ken B

    • Keith says:

      I appreciate your views but clearly disagree. For me, it is bad to leave a left-handed child who is truggling to write properly to just work it out for themselves when it is so easy to give them a few simple pointers that will help a lot. I find it hard to see how that can be a bad thing.

  8. Nancy says:

    I can tell you that schools in small towns/cities are NOT supportive of left handed students. I found out the hard way when the elementary school in Aumsville, OR forced my left-handed child to be right-handed. He is now in his last year of high school and has a learning disability.
    The more that can be done for left-handers the better. I am also a lefty and had my own problems with the school system.
    Thanks for all that you have done so far.

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