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Shortcodes Deluxe WordPress Toolkit

We are always trying to find better ways of presenting our content and livening up our pages and posts to make them more interesting for our visitors and we use all sorts of tools and software to help us with developing our pages.   We have built up a huge library of graphics and layouts over the years but it is always a challenge to find the right ones and insert them into our pages so we were delighted to find this toolkit which does a lot of what we want in a very easy to use way.

[hilight color=”F7F700″]It is a WordPress plugin that is really easy to install and use and if you use WordPress for your blog or website we can highly recommend it.[/hilight]

[list style=”arrowred”]


The Shortcodes Toolkit plugin adds a new row of tools to your WordPress toolbar and clicking them brings up all of the options for each tool:

Shortcodes Toolkit new tools on WordPress menu bar

Here is a video by the developer showing the features of the toolkit and how to use them (some of it is a bit “salesy” but we just ignore that and use all the great effects).   For interest, we used another excellent plugin by the same developer called Traffic Player to insert and play this YouTube video in our own style and size.

If you have seen enough already – use this button to order your copy of this great toolkit now.

[buybutton style=”49.png” linkingurl=”″ windowtype=”_blank”]

Here are some examples of what you can do with the Shortcodes Toolkit…

Bulleted lists with nice graphics

[list style=”Check1green”]

  • Insert smart tick graphics beside list items
  • Big choice of graphics and colours available
  • But none left-handed! So we reversed this one ourselves and uploaded it to the plugin folder – Ha!


Nice numbered items as well

[list style=”g”]

  • First item.   The numbers are big to create an impact but as with the left-handed tick graphic above you can always reduce them to the size you want and upload.
  • We have not found a way to easily add the additional versions of graphics we created to the list of available options so we ended up just overwriting the standard one and then it   shows the new version in the options selection box and on the live site.
  • This is a great way to style important content on your site.


Content boxes

[contentbox width=”300″ borderwidth=”2″ borderstyle=”groove” bordercolor=”120CC2″ dropshadow=”3″ backgroundcolor=”E1E8F5″ radius=”10″]Lots of options for size, border, colours, drop-shadow, rounded corners.[/contentbox]

Here is another style

[contentbox width=”150″ borderwidth=”5″ borderstyle=”dashed” bordercolor=”F71A0A” dropshadow=”6″ backgroundcolor=”FAFA19″ radius=”0″]All of these styles are very easy to create using the options boxes once you click the Content Box tool.   You set the width and they resize automatically to the amount of text you type[/contentbox]

Action buttons

[buybutton style=”28.png” linkingurl=”” windowtype=”_blank”]

This one just goes to the information page on Lauren's ebook “Your Left-Handed Child” but you can set the target url to whatever you like and have it open in a new window

Signs to get attention for important content

[signs style=”34.png”]

The PSD originals of all the graphics are included with the developer version so you can change them to say whatever you want.   Also, the original .png of the graphic above was 851px wide so we reduced it to 400px which fits our site layout better.


[banner bannertext=”Important Benefits” bannersize=”small” bannerno=”” style=”GB”]You can set the header text and also this text that goes insode the banner block.   You can also set the size (width)   as large or small[/banner]

Testimonial boxes

[testimonial testimonialimgurl=”” tessize=”small” style=”TI”]Just to say how pleased I am with my new bread knife…  my son and I can both cut lovely  slices now. It is 1st time I’ve used Internet shopping which was very good. The parcel arrived very quickly. Melanie – UK[/testimonial]

This one has been linked to our page on left-handed knives.   Original PSDs provide with the developer version so you can make the title say whatever you want, change colours etc.

Headline fonts with style and dropshadow

[font family=”Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif” size=”18″ color=”DE3826″ textshadow=”2″ alignment=”center” weight=”bold” style=”italic” lineheight=”110″]Choose your style and enter the text you want[/font]

Content dividers in lots of styles

Again you can download the original graphics and resize if they are too wide for your site.

[linebreak style=”55.png”]

Delayed content

This is quite neat – it delayes whatever content you insert by a specified number of seconds after the page loads

[delaycontent delaytime=”5″][hyperlink family=”Tahoma,Geneva,sans-serif” size=”16″ color=”1212FF” textshadow=”3″ alignment=”center” weight=”normal” style=”normal” lineheight=”110″ linkurl=”” linkwindow=”_blank”]Click here to see our range of scissors[/hyperlink][/delaycontent]

This demo also showshow you can “nest” the shortcodes inside each other – this one has a styled hyperlink inside the delay code.   Reload this page to see the delay effect.

Price tables

We have used this to do a price and feature comparison of thre left-handed peelers and directed the link buttons to the product pages.   The standard button graphic said “Sign up” which was not appropriate ro we overwrote it with our own version saying “Find out more”.

[pricetable style=”g” standardtext=”Techno Swivel” protext=”Victorinox” premiumtext=”Ceramic Swivel” text27=” £4.95″ text37=” £4.25″ text67=” £6.75″ permonth1=”each” permonth2=”each” permonth3=”each” point1=”Stainless steel blade” point2=”Fully left-handed” point3=”Plastic handle” point4=”Dishwasher safe” point5=”” point6=”Stainless steel blade” point7=”Left-handed angled head” point8=”Plastic handle” point9=”Dishwasher safe” point10=”” point11=”Ceramic blade” point12=”Reversed for left hand use” point13=”Plastic/rubber handle” point14=”Dishwasher safe” point15=”” buttonurl1=”” buttonurl2=”” buttonurl3=”” linkwindow1=”_blank” linkwindow2=”_blank” linkwindow3=”_blank”]

Social sharing buttons

We have plenty of these on our pages anyway, but this is a nice way of adding them quickly if you don't already have some way of doing it.

[socialshare style=”hc” title=”Share This Page” facebook=”yes” twitter=”yes” googleplus=”yes” color=”FAFAFA” bcolor=”DDDDDD”]

[linebreak style=”55.png”]

Get all of these great graphics and functions for your own wordpress blog at a really low price while it is available

[buybutton style=”49.png” linkingurl=”″ windowtype=”_blank”]

Shortcodes WordPress Toolkit Personal edition (can be used on multiple personal sites)

Shortcodes Deluxe WordPress Toolkit Developer License (This is what we have, includes original PSD files for graphics and other technical bonuses)

PS – If you are OK at editing html code, you can always create your graphics using the Toolkit and then grab the source code from the published page and edit it to use the graphics on non-wordpress pages – here is an example I did using the price table from above on an Anything Left Handed product page to do a feature comparison with product images added and links to the related products.

Example price table showing peeler features comparison



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