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Richard Gessner – Left-Handed Author and Artist

Book - The ConduitWe are always happy to feature left-handers with special talents which they attribute to being left-handed and Richard Gessner contacted us recently with some details of his books and artwork as well as his own personal history and how being left-handed has affected his work.

Richard's book “The Conduit and other Visionary Tales of Morphing Whimsy” is a collection of his short stories and in one of them, “The Unicyclist” there is direct reference to sinistrality, with the main character having two left hands.

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Richard gave us his own explanation of being left-handed and how it has affected him:

“Being left-handed, I am highly visual and think in images. Non-linear, episodic pictures flow out of me, free of logical constraint. Strong evidence I was born with a hyperactive right brain dominance.  In early childhood, I felt different, the clock hands ran counterclockwise and I couldn't tell time. Tying my shoes was another obstacle. I always felt different and, always the minority, I stood out from my classmates. I became rebellious, freewheeling, temperamental and independent.

My 1964 Kindergarten report states “In spite of being left-handed, Richard uses crayons with great patience and aptness”.  The Kindergarten report implying that left-handedness was a hindrance rather than an asset.  Such biased judgement irks me even today. A feeling of rejection and scorn eventually compelled me to develop my own style as a writer and artist, breaking free of the straitjacket of conventional realism in both literature and art.

Gessner school report

Inversions, reversals and mirror imaging sometimes appears in my work, as in “The Olfactory Inversion” and “The Widow's Peak Ghost” in my recently published collection “The Conduit and other Visionary Tales of Morphing Whimsy” from Rain Mountain Press.

Richard Gessner drawing left-handedIn fact, I can read and write backwards with ease, exploring the unknown, hidden aspects of consciousness, mining the psychic basement, the intuitive, irrational and absurd to reach a higher “Sense” beyond the logic of the pedestrian. To quote Novelist and Short story Writer Vincent Czyz “Gessner's head is a sort of cavern piled high with such wonders – original images, fresh metaphors, mind-stretching scenarios and alternate world orders”

Well… there you have it!


Richard also sent us some examples of his artwork:


Richard Gessner, Brunette March

Richard Gessner - March

You can get hold of Richard's book on Amazon United Kingdom here:

or on Amazon United States here:

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