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Left handed birthday dates

My birthday dateWe have now completed the analysis of the birthday date responses and you can see the results here.

We get a lot of emails about Left Handers Day from Club Members saying that 13th August is their birthday! This got us thinking about whether there is any relationship between being left-handed and the time of year you are born and also whether that would be affected by whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. For example, if left-handers are more likely to be born in the summer months of June to August in the UK, should we expect more Australian left-handers to be born in those same months or in THEIR summer months of December to February?

We found one study where the researcher claimed a larger than expected number of left-handers were born in November, but only with a very small sample size (33). A larger study by our friend Chris McManus at the University of London (and author of the excellent book Right Hand, Left Hand) came to the conclusion that there was no seasonal trend in births of lefthanders. There is an article about Chris's study here, but he still only had 207 left-handers in total.

Another study concluded that slightly more left-handers than right-handers are born in the five months of March to July, all based on US data, but we cannot find anything looking at data across different countries.

Well, we have a much bigger sample of left-handers than any of these researchers and spread all round the world, so we thought we would do our own little study! Can you help us?

Please fill in the short from here to tell us where you are and your date of birth and we will do some analysis and see what we can come up with. [hilight color=”FFFF00″]We need as many left-handers as possible to take part so please take a few seconds to help now[/hilight] – Just enter your details and click the “Send Email” button.

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223 comments on “Birthday dates
  1. Denise R. says:

    I was born April 13,1979 Good Friday and I’m left handed. I was wondering if that makes me more unique than just being left handed?

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