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Left handed birthday dates

My birthday dateWe have now completed the analysis of the birthday date responses and you can see the results here.

We get a lot of emails about Left Handers Day from Club Members saying that 13th August is their birthday! This got us thinking about whether there is any relationship between being left-handed and the time of year you are born and also whether that would be affected by whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. For example, if left-handers are more likely to be born in the summer months of June to August in the UK, should we expect more Australian left-handers to be born in those same months or in THEIR summer months of December to February?

We found one study where the researcher claimed a larger than expected number of left-handers were born in November, but only with a very small sample size (33). A larger study by our friend Chris McManus at the University of London (and author of the excellent book Right Hand, Left Hand) came to the conclusion that there was no seasonal trend in births of lefthanders. There is an article about Chris's study here, but he still only had 207 left-handers in total.

Another study concluded that slightly more left-handers than right-handers are born in the five months of March to July, all based on US data, but we cannot find anything looking at data across different countries.

Well, we have a much bigger sample of left-handers than any of these researchers and spread all round the world, so we thought we would do our own little study! Can you help us?

Please fill in the short from here to tell us where you are and your date of birth and we will do some analysis and see what we can come up with. [hilight color=”FFFF00″]We need as many left-handers as possible to take part so please take a few seconds to help now[/hilight] – Just enter your details and click the “Send Email” button.

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222 comments on “Birthday dates
  1. Stacia says:

    My daughter is a lefty born on October 25 my uncle is born on October 25 and is left handed, my friend is a identical twin born on October 25 and is a lefty, my daughter came home today from work to tell me that 3 other people at her job share the same birthday October 25 and they are all kefties…very very weird!!!

  2. Jake Watson says:

    my birthday is July 16th I share the same birthday with Gareth Bale, Moussa Dembele (two footballers) and also Will Ferrell. We are all left handed. Also I see a lot of footballers that have birthday within a few days around that time are also left footed such as Adam Johnson 14th July, Nabil Fekir 18th July, James Rodriguez 12th July, Gael Clichy 26th July, Luke Shaw 12th July, Stuart Downing 22nd July. Do you think this is just a big coincidence??

  3. Elzabeth says:

    My grandfather wanted my Mom to switch me to a “righty”, and she said “NO WAY!” Thankfully, I was born just on the edge of the discussion whether or not to switch (Baby Boomer) … but until my oldest daughter was born, I had no one to share the travails of the left-handed person with! ;o)

  4. Helen says:

    My mum was the only person in our family who wasn’t left handed, however we were all different in how much we could use our left & right hands.

    My mum (26 October) is very right handed. My brother (15 August) is very left handed. My Dad (29 January) & I (7 January) are left handed but use our right hands a lot more than my brother can, eg we use right handed scissors & struggle to use my brothers left handed scissors.

  5. Jessica says:

    My cousin and I are the only two lefties in our family. We’re both female born two years apart on the same day, June 29th.

  6. Candace Geiser says:

    My sister and I were all lefties, but, my middle sister was forced to change in school. Our parents were both right handed.
    My husband is left handed, too, but both of our daughters are righties.
    His parent were both right handed, also.

  7. Eric Mundo says:

    Everyone, but my dad and brother, in my family are lefties..
    My birthday is 19th march 1997 & everyone born this date which is 3 people I know are lefties too

  8. Marie brook says:

    I am a leftie. My mother and her 2 sisters were right handed, her 4 brothers all left handed.
    My mother, father and sister were all right handed.

  9. Marie brook says:

    I am a leftie. 2trMy mother and her two sisters were all right handed. Her four brothers were all left handed.
    My mother, father and sister are all right handed, My husband and our two sons are all right handed.

  10. Ginger says:

    I consider myself a lefty. I use my right hand for a lot of activities that I can not use my left hand for. I eat and write with my left hand and there are a lot of activities I use my right hand for. As a child I did not know the difference between being a left or right handed person. I have and always use which ever hand feels comfortable and easier to use. Thank you for this web site, I have learned a lot since I subscribed to it.

  11. Roberta Culbert-Costley says:

    Tale was my granda was a lefty, but wasn’t allowed to be, so he couldn’t write. I am the only other one in my family…so far…

  12. Robin says:

    My two grandfathers, my father, my foster-father, and my ex-husband are all lefties, and I, I am the oddball among them. I am also the only one one of seven siblings who is a lefty. ( I feel so alone.)

  13. Roland Reagan says:

    In my family, I was born in October (Leftie) my brother was born in November (Rightie and my sister was born in June (Leftie). My opinion is that birth month has nothing to do with handedness.

  14. Rod Gaskell says:

    I am one of three siblings, out of four, who are left handed. Neither of our parents were
    We live in Australia and each of we left handers were born during the warmer months from November 4 through to January 5.
    My daughter, who died, was right handed like her Mother but my son is also left handed.

  15. Kathy says:

    I am the only person in my family who is truly a “lefty.” My older brother was somewhat “ambidextrous” and could scribble a bit with his left hand but mainly was right handed. He could play tennis with both hands though. Ironically he was named “Dexter,” before they knew about his ability to use his left hand (although limited). I tried to learn to play the guitar and even had a “left-handed guitar but it seemed daunting to any teacher to help me learn. When I first started school to learn my ABC’s, the teachers always tried to get me to use my right hand. Despite their efforts, I was determined to use the hand that seemed more comfortable. Also an interesting fact is that my husband is left handed but also uses his right hand for eating and can play tennis with his right hand.

  16. W. Douglas Halsted, III says:

    There have been and, in some cases, still are about 10 or 12 lefties* in three 20th and 21st century generations (about 30 people) of my family, and also one in my second wife’s first family. I really enjoy your website. Good work! Keep it up!!! Doug
    *Several of them are/were ambidextrous. Does that count as being lefty, too?

  17. W. Douglas Halsted, III says:

    I’m very glad to contribute my information. This is a fun website. My mother and her maternal aunt (and that aunt’s daughter and two of her grandchildren) were lefties, and my niece is also, as is her daughter.(But my sister and her husband are both righties.) So “leftyism” seems to run off and on in my family. In addition, one of my step-daughters is a lefty, too, but she’s not related by blood, as are/were all the others I mentioned.
    I enjoy your service to the left-handed community of the world. BRAVO! Keep it up!

  18. Ann says:

    I’m a proud lefty, but the only one on both sides of my family, I’ve looked back for 4 generations and nothing, not even a hint of another lefty. Could anyone tell if how rare that is?

  19. david hathaway says:

    I have run into 25 people that were born on February 19th and all were left handed whether male or female. to many to be a coincidence.

  20. Judy says:

    In my family, there seems to be a fair number of us left-handers. Both my parents were right-handed. My Brother is right-handed as well. I am an extreme lefty!! If I could not use my left hand…I would be pretty much helpless!!! At work, they even provided a left-handed keyboard for me!! My older Niece is left-handed, but can do a lot of things with her right hand. My younger Niece’s daughter, my Great-Niece is left-handed. Their Dad/Grandfather & Mom/Grandmother were both right-handed. My younger Granddaughter is left-handed as well. Both her Mom (my Daughter) and Dad are right-handers.

    I am proud of my left-handedness!!!

  21. Candace Geiser says:

    I am left handed, as is my youngest sister. We were born in june and october. My parents were both right handed. My husband is a lefty born in april, and he is the only lefty in a family of six children.

  22. Carol Feltman says:

    My dad,sister and daughter are also left-handed,as well as my uncle by marriage .my daughter in law and a co usin

  23. David Paasch says:

    My wife & I are both left handed. Both our mothers are left handed.
    We had twin sons, identical and one is left handed and the other right handed.
    The doctor told us that is another sign of identical twins, they face each other and their writing hand is on the same side. When they grew up, the right handed son had all left handed kids, and the left handed one had all right handed kids. Our daughter, who is right handed married a left handed man and both her kids are left handed. (she says I am the only right one in my family, ha.
    So we have had lots of fun with left handed. We have a fun sign: Everyone is born left handed, you become right handed when you first sin. We are still left handed. ha.
    David Paasch

  24. Carole Nowell says:

    My dad was the first leftie, as far as I can find out from the family history, and I followed him. None of my immediate family are lefties.

    One of my bosses was also left-handed and he used to say all lefties are sensitive and artistic – very true!!!

  25. Albert Parker says:

    I seen a lot of studies trying to analyze us lefties. Clearly, this is a different and interesting approach.

  26. Christine says:

    My father,myself and sister are lefties. My husband and 2 of my 3 children are also lefties. My youngest who writes with her right handed,has been beset with reading and writing difficulties and struggles with left and right directions,is there a link.

  27. shantel rush says:

    I failed to mention that I was born in Leavenworth, Kansas and I have no know family members that were left handed. Although, there is rumors that school my father went to was know to make you switch to right hand if you used the left. So, there is a good possibility there was more left handers in my family and that they were made to switch as children to their right hand.

  28. Judith Webster says:

    Having met Chris McManus and he having expressed astonishment at the level of left-handedness in my family I wonder if others have such a significant bias. My half sister and I are both left-handed. My husband is left=handed. two of my three children from my first marriage (to a right hander) are also left-handed

  29. Jim Nigrelli says:

    Sorry. Forgot to add the dates.
    Righties: Dad April, Brother June, Daughter June, Daughter October, Daughter November, Son May, GS June, GD May, GD July, GS January
    Lefties: Mom December, Sister April, Sister November, Wife August, Me March, GS August

  30. Jim Nigrelli says:

    My mom, 2 sisters, and I are left-handed. My older brother and dad are righties. My four children are all righties. and of my 5 grandchildren, (3 boys and 2 girls), one of my grandsons is a lefty and the remaining righties. At least the baseball glove won’t go to waste!

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