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Left handed music

There are a lot of artists, song and album titles   with “left handed” in their names, though we are not always sure why!


Here is a selection of “left handed” music

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7 comments on “Left handed music
  1. William Hunter says:

    I would like to get lefthanded music sheets

  2. Jan says:

    My daughter is left handed and we try to support her in every possible way. When she showed an interest and skill in music and wanted to learn to play the ukelele (and guitar later on), we bought her one and had it strung left handed. This was great until a friend of hers asked to have a go and finding it strung left handed decided to restring it. When she got it back she decided it was too much of an effort to change it so began learning the chords reversed instead. We said that we would have it changed for but she said it worked in her favour learning it this way as most ukuleles and guitars were strung right handed. For her it meant that wherever she was, she could pick up any ukulele or guitar and play it. The only one she was unable to play was the electric guitar because of the shape and how it plugged into the sound system. None of the music shops in our area had left handed electric guitars either, and if they did, they were very expensive and had to be specially ordered. We eventually found one but she struggled to play it as a normal left hander because for the last four years she has played the chords in reverse, which is ironic really. We are now in the process of having it strung as a right hander for her.

  3. Grace says:

    Most people consider piano an ambidextrous instrument, easily played by both hands. But I would like to debunk this myth. As most people are right-handed, that means that most composers and right-handed as well. So most piano songs involve using the right hand for complicated movements while the left hand usually does some sort of repetitious bass line.

    Right now I’m learning the song ‘Moonlight Sonata’ by Beethoven and man its a killer for my right hand! There’s all these crazy octave-and-a-first reaches that my right hand can just barely do. And also, when you start just learning piano, they always put more emphasis on playing and learning the notes with your right hand.

    So is this myth of piano being ambidextrous true? No, it is a fat lie. And part of a big coverup to enslave left-handers! ;D Haha!

  4. Rachel says:

    I play the drums and its really hard to play as it takes too long to switch the kit. Most songs I cant play, or I can play some parts but the entire piece. Luckily when I bought my own drum kit I could switch around and play properly.

  5. Ken says:

    I bought my first left-handed guitar in March 1979 in Toronto. That was after first having gone to a guitar store that told me I would have to have one specially made. Thankfully I didn’t listen. I now own 4 left-handed guitars, but like most lefties have simply become adept at reversing chord boxes.

  6. Cathy says:

    Over 25 years ago you had a very hard time getting a lefty guitar now you can. Guitar lefty chord books were not available. Now you can. 10 years a lefty mandolin was very hard to get. Now you can at a crazy price. Lefty mandolin chord book limited. Very difficult getting a lefty banjo or ukelale. Chord books impossible.
    Still very much a right handed world. Because there are no instructional DVD’s for lefties or instructors. I myself had to teach myself. That’s lefty music life in Canada

  7. sofia says:

    You forgot “Everybody hates Ned Flanders” from the Simpsons

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