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Other golf bits and pieces

This is all the golf information that did not seem to fit anywhere else!

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2 comments on “Golf other
  1. Ron Schipansky says:

    Greetings ! Wanted to let you know for posting that ….. “The National Left-handed Amateur Golf Championship will be held this year in Atlantic City, New Jersey, June 16th through June 20th. Entry information can be obtained from the web site…, or tournament chairman, John Dourgarian @ ” Thank you very much. Sincerely, “Lefty” Ron Schipansky…….

  2. Pat says:

    My buddy and me are left-handed golfers.
    Every year we compete with two other friends and they are righties.
    You’ve guessed it, we have a championship game at the end of golf season.
    We won again this year.

    I’m looking for t-shirts or golf shirts that would say something like “Lefties Rule” or anything that is funny !

    Please let me know where I can find this.


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