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The Mental Keys to improve your golf – Michael Anthony

After you have played golf for a while you know that you can occasionally hit the perfect shot and wish you could do it all the time! You know you have the mechanics to play a much better game and what is holding you back is what is inside your head. Michael has worked with top golfers and other sportsmen over many years and found out what is is that makes the top performers able to turn on their winning game all the time.

Michael's unique mental training program guarantees to lower your score by improving your mental game.

Discover how YOU can…

  • Make the pressure shots
  • Eliminate your fears and sink more putts
  • Easily shrug off your bad golf shots
  • Increase your focus and confidence
  • Take your practice game to the golf course
  • Relax, have fun and lower your golf score
  • Have a mental golf game that guarantees success on a regular basis


Mental Keys of Golf book Mental Keys of Golf CD Mental Keys of Golf book

How much do you spend on lessons, golf clubs, balls, driving range fees, rounds of golf – not to mention the countless hours you spend on your game? Doesn't it make sense to invest a small amount to improve your mental game and lower your score?

Here is your opportunity to learn how to quickly regroup, relax, refocus and lower your score. This unique and proven mental golf training program will definitely give you the edge over your competition by showing you how to take your mental golf game to the next level and play in the zone. Every day more and more golfers are becoming living proof that The Mental Keys work if you use them. I guarantee it!

Michael Anthony

These books are now available on Amazon – links coming soon.

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