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How to break 80

How to break 80 golf book Let's face it, golf is probably the most difficult sport in the world.   It takes a great deal of skill, mental fortitude and perseverance to excel at it.   You have to have great hand-eye coordination, balance, athletic ability and creativity.   You can receive all the best golf tips in the world and take countless golf lessons but you still can't seem to create any consistency…

Now, there   are a ton of people who play golf just to hack around and have some fun.   But more avid players are always trying to improve their swing and overall game.   The problem is that golf is a very difficult game to master and you don't have enough time to practice to really improve significantly.   Even the guys who play golf for a living and have the best golf instruction in the world still struggle and they practice every day!

“How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros!” has quickly become one of the best selling books on the Internet because it is written and designed for those of us who actually have to do something else than golf to make a living.   This is not a simple collection of golf tips, golf lessons or golf instruction…it is your personal guide to lower scores.

This is what author Jack Moorehouse has to say about it…

My name is Jack Moorehouse.   I'm an average Joe, not a Pro and most importantly, I know how to explain things in extremely simple terms.   I am a working man like everyone else and golf when not working; carrying a respectable 5 handicap index.   I used to play golf really well and then one day I lost it.         Finally,     after years of practice and tinkering, I discovered the magic formula that has me breaking 80 nearly every time I play!
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You see, I was able to and do exactly what the pros do consistently and apply it to my own game.   The results were astonishing.   In this book, you will learn the simple steps to create more consistency with your swing and game in general.     To learn these steps takes approximately 30 minutes and he also provides drills to ensure you can incorporate these new techniques into your game.   Now, this isn't simply a guide that shows you 4 steps.   It is a complete manual on how to shoot your best scores ever.   I cover all aspects of the game so that you can develop a solid all-around game in your quest to drop shots.   This golf instruction guide will be the last book you read on this subject.   All contents of the book are designed to do ONE thing…..lower your scores!

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