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Where to buy left-handed golf clubs

We have reviewed all the major suppliers and taken advice from people in the golf business to put together a list of recommended suppliers who we know do a good range of left-handed golf clubs and golf equipment.

Most of the suppliers will ship internationally, but if you can find what you want locally it will save on shipping costs and make any service issues easier so we have shown which countries the companies are based in.

United Kingdom

Left-Handed Golf

This is the leading left-handed golf specialist in the world and is run by a friend of Keith's and based nearby to the Anything Left-Handed office – they have a huge range of left-handed equipment and we can recommend them very highly – just ask for Terry and mention Anything Left-handed and you can probably persuade him to give to a special price!
Click here to visit their website at

Internet Golf Store

If, like a lot of left-handers, you are left eye dominant and prefer to play golf in a “right-handed” stance, we can highly recommend as a great source of right handed clubs, training aids, golf accessories and clothing. They are the official retail partner of the NEC Golf Show and have a very wide range of equipment at the lowest prices you will find anywhere.
Click here to visit their website at

Golf Online
Scottsdale Golf
Online Golf
ClickGolf golf equipment online

United States

In The Hole Golf

Links to pages with golf supplier information

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