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Video – Left-handed nail scissors

left handed nail scissors With the blades reversed so the left blade is on top, our range of finest Italian steel manicure scissors allow you to view the cutting line so you can cut the nail acurately, as short as necessary. The blades have a smooth cutting action when squeezed together to prevent the jagged uneven cut so common when trying to use right-handed nail scissors in the left hand.   Choose from straight or curved nail or cuticle scissors.

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2 comments on “Nail scissors
  1. john says:

    I could not find the set of right and left handed manicure scissors as represented in your video. And who makes the scissors? German, Italian, ??
    Very interested in your site.

    • Keith says:

      We no longer supply the set as the leather case was too expensive, but we still have a good range of left-handed nail scissors

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