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Alternative sources for left-handed products

There are some items that we do not stock for various reasons or where there are suppliers that may be closer to you and therefore cost less for delivery.   Where that is the case we have created a page about the item and given you the best links for it.

Make sure you click here to check our shop first as we have probably got the item you want

We also maintain a list of items that we do not currently have manufacturers for but would like to stock.   If you know a source for any of those items or are a manufacturer who may be able to produce them for use, please add a comment to that page or get in touch.

Click a link below to find out more about any particular item.

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3 comments on “Products sources
  1. Veloni Amsberry says:

    I’m from USA, and have recently joined your club. I love it. I come from a family of no, nada, nothing is left handed. I’m an identical twin and we are mirror images of each other. When we had to get glasses, our eyes required the exact prescription. Except, our eyes were backwards from one another. This was when we were 6years old. I had to grow up in a right handed world. My mom did get me a set of left handed scissors for school. I had to learn how to play softball with a RH mitt. I had to take off the mitt to throw the ball. Finally I got a OH mitt. It was so amazing to catch and throw without taking my mitt off.
    My question to you is I can’t seem to place my name on the certificate you offer. Is there any way you could do it for me? I don’t have a computer or printer. I just have a Kindle HD. I will be so grateful to your staff. I read so much on your site. I’m not alone anymore. Thankfully, Veloni

  2. Sandra says:

    I need to order some left-handed scissors, but I can’t find them on this site. Please help.
    Sandra D

    • Keith says:

      Hi Sandra
      Not sure where you were looking but they are in our online shop here

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