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Jetstream Ultra Non-Smudge Pens

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The Mitsubishi Pen Company have created a great new range of gel pens that are expecially useful for lefthanders because they do not smudge. The special fast-drying gel ink dries instantly so it will not smudge even if you wipe over it immediately after writing.

We could not believe it when we first saw them, but it is true! Keith made a short video of him testing the pens to show how good they are:


How do they work?

Smooth writing, fast drying, Jetstream gel pens

The new type of gel ink dries instantly and permanently – no smudging and very resistant to being washed off of important documents.

See below for more technical details

SX-210 Jetstream rollerball pen – with snap-on cap

The ultimate smooth and fast writer. The Jetstream contains a unique quick drying ink that dries in a flash making it smudge free and ideal for left handed writers. This model has a snap on cap that will not come off in your pocket or bag and comes in a range of great colours with the pen colour matching the ink colour

Jetstream sx210 colour range

Click here to order your Jetstream pens

More technical details

Writing with a Jetstream is a lot smoother than a pencil, ballpoint pen or standard rollerball, with the added bonus that the ink dries immediately, solving any smudging problems. Jetstream sx210 is smoother than a pencil

Mitsubishi Jetstream writes smoothly

Jetstream gel pens are smoother than ballpoints

Traditional water based ink is slowly absorbed into the paper so it actualy stays wet on the surface for a while which is why it smudges so easily.

Water based ink is absobed in the paper

The new rollerball ink evaporates immediately leaving just the pigment permanently on the paper.

Jetstream rollerball ink is fast drying

Wide range of colours with fast drying ink

Click here to order your Jetstream Non-Smudge Pens

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3 comments on “Jetstream-non-smudge
  1. Liz says:

    At the top of this page there is a link under jetstream that says order yours now.

  2. hayley says:

    where can you get them???

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