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Can I print your left-handed articles?

We recently had an enquiry asking about this…

“Is it possible to print out a page? I would like very much to print a page to share with some good friends with left-handed children.  One of the parents is determined to force the children to write with their right hands, giving no thought to the harm they are doing their children.”

Yes, of course and we would be delighted if you print any of our articles and pass them on to others.   We have even put a special utility on all of our blog pages and posts to allow you to format just the main article content for printing neatly.   the link is at the bottom of all the articles, just below the social link buttons:

Print content from Anything Left handed

If you want to print the comments as well, you can either use the print option in your web browser or just highlight all the content you want and paste it into a text or Word document and print from there.


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