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Is Prince Louis another royal left-hander?

Prince William, Kate and LouisPrince Louis Arthur Charles, the third child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate) was born on 23 April which, by happy coincidence, is also St. George's Day, England's National Day. Prince Louis of Cambridge is 5th in line to the British throne. His father Prince William is proudly left-handed (despite both his parents, Charles and Diana being right-handers), and older brother Prince George, now nearly 5, also seems to be a left-hander. Talking at Wimbledon last year, Kate confessed that she finds playing tennis with her husband “frustrating” as he is left-handed, as George himself appears to be – much to Prince William’s delight.

So, we will keep an eye out for pictures of Prince Louis as he gets older and starts to show his handedness, but it does look like we are in a for a run of left-handed British Monarchs over the next few generations.

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One comment on “Is Prince Louis another royal left-hander?
  1. Janice Desler says:

    He’s 8 days old. Bit early to speculate isn’t it!

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