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Press Coverage

It's always great to see the interest Left-Handers' Day generates.     To show the truly international spread of Left-Handers Day, here are links to a few of the articles posted about The Day from around the world.     Please add links to any more you come across in the comments field below.


ABC News – Australia

Daily Nation – Kenya, Africa

Examiner – USA national

Chicago Tribune – Local USA

Tahlequah Daily Press – Local USA

The Guardian – UK

Wired Magazine – UK, Europe and USA





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2 comments on “Press Coverage
  1. Neil says:

    I keep reading that the mouse on computers favour right handed people and not Lefties. I’m a leftie and I favour the mouse the way it is. It sits on the left side of my computer and the right handed key which is the most active key is no problem. I use my most left finger on my left hand and find it is very comfortable. Some people may not but I am still using my most left sided extremity. Just a comment.

    • Paul Downie says:

      I’ve got to confess, Neil, that’s why I fell in love with the Mac, from the first one I got: with the Apple one button mouse, it REALLY doesn’t matter … !

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