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Pencut folding scissors

pencut folding scissorsThis is an innovative new products that we really like – a pair of scissors than can genuinely be converted to work left or right handed and which also folds away with a pen cap to put them in your pocket.

Watch Keith's video of them in action to see how they work.
Click here for more info and to order

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4 comments on “Pencut folding scissors
  1. Iona Johnston says:

    It looks like a really good product. I think that it would be very handy and very good to travel with. I like the colours as well. So basically I think that it’s a great product. You could take them anywhere. I think that the best part about the scissors is that they are portable and you can take them anywhere.

  2. J. P. Gilliver says:

    Looks like an excellent product – not just the LH (or, even better, ambi) aspect, but the pen idea too.

  3. Debbie Loyer says:

    These look great! i do a lot of countged cross stitch and crochet and bring the crafts with me to the office
    and work on them during my lunch hour. Sometimes I even bring them on long car rides, so I am always
    looking for portable scissors. These would be great for travel!

  4. Sandra Johnson says:

    That is a very useful object.

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