The best motion for peeling vegetables is to move the peeler towards the body. This is not possible with a right-handed peeler held in the left hand as the cutting edge is facing the wrong way. For this reason, many left-handers have developed a technique for peeling vegetables moving the peeler away from the body, and have the scraped knuckles to prove it! Our peelers are either fully left-handed or double-edged so they can be used in either direction

Deglon Dual Bladed Peeler

£3.95 Ex Tax: £3.29

Deglon Dual Bladed Peeler - for left & right hand use Only want to have the one peeler for both ..

Victorinox Swivel Peeler

£5.24 Ex Tax: £4.37

Victorinox Swivel Peeler Ergonomically designed, lightweight, swivel head peeler with sharp stainles..

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