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New format for Left Handers Club newsletters

We are experimenting with a new layout at the moment so that hopefully your newsletter will be delivered on more email services without being filtered and also will show properly on all types of devices including mobile phones.

It may take us a couple of months to get everything working properly and we would appreciate your feedback, so do let us know if anything doesn't work quite correctly, or if anything can't be seen – just add a comment to this post and we will see it and follow up.


If you couldn't see the June 2014 newsletter in your email screen, you can see it online using the link below:

Left handers Club June 2014 newsletter


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2 comments on “New format for Left Handers Club newsletters
  1. karl-peter zorn says:

    i can`t get any newletter completly on my`s not all that arrives to look what you write to me. wishes karl-peter

  2. Andrew Woodcock says:

    Last year a young and rather infantile church leader was taking an all age service. He said that one should thank God for your legs and feet, your head, eyes, nose mouth ears and your senses, he then said that you should thank God for your right arm and hand that you use for doing things with. He then said that we should shake our right hand and arms. He has a lot to learn

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