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Left-Handers Day 2009 Events and Celebrations

If you are planning any sort of event or celebration for 13th August 2009 to mark International Left-Handers Day, even if it's just a left-handed tea party in your front room, please do let us know and send us a short report or a photo and we will add them to our reports on the Left Handers Day website.

Click here for our page of ideas on how to celebrate and create your own “Lefty Zone”

Click here to see our collection of posters and signs that you can download free

We would love to hear from you, even if you are just hosting a small gathering at home to mark the event (or getting your own back on your dad with a left-handed corkscrew!) so please send us details of what you've got planned, or a report on your event if it's happened using the form below – and do attach a photograph if you took one!


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2 comments on “Left-Handers Day 2009 Events and Celebrations
  1. Keith says:

    There is a left-handed writing competition going on in Shenzen, China and there is a link to it here
    We will try to find out more about this

  2. Lauren says:

    Left Hander’s Party at Black Bear Lodge
    August 13th 8PM

    You’re a lefty living in a right hander’s world…
    At Black Bear Lodge,
    we know what it’s like to smear your ink and sit in a backwards desk!
    So, on Thursday, August 13th we’re celebrating National Left Hander’s Day!

    Everything’s going to be done the Lefty way for once!
    There will be lefty trivia, games, and drink specials only for those who are drinking with their left hand! Righty’s- how long can you last drinking only with your left hand? Come find out and party lefty!

    $15 gets you all you can drink Bud and Bud Light drafts from 8pm-11pm!

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