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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

May 2016

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In this edition:
  • Solving problems the left-handed way
  • Dealing with the smudge
  • Slicing the smart way

Solving Problems the Left-Handed Way

A Left Handed Brain TeaserIn this month’s newsletter, we are thinking about the ways that left-handers can solve the problems that life throws at us.
The image here is a great example: One of our club members spied this on Twitter recently and sent it over to us – and it got us thinking. Was the child’s answer wrong or right?
Clearly the child’s answer was not what the teacher was wanting!
But this child is left-handed, and their answer is a great demonstration of how reverse writing comes more naturally to left-handers, especially at a young age.
Staying with the subject of problem solving, we’ve got some great products to show you which solve many of the commonest problems that the right-handed world throws at us. Check them out below.

The Smudge

The Smudge

Smudging writing and artwork is a common problem that left-handers deal with on a daily basis. It even inspired one of our most popular designs at our printed products store!
There are two approaches to solving this problem. The first is to try a different design of pen, where the shape takes away the problem of running your hand over your writing. We love the Stabilo;s EASY range of pens for this, with an ergonomic grip designed specifically for left-handers.
If you prefer to use regular sorts of pens, then non-smudge ink is a great solution. We love the non-smudge pens and refills from Maped, Zebra and Stabilo, which look great and mean you don’t have to think about smudging ever again.

Angled Slicing

Video of Chef KnivesDo you find it difficult to slice bread and other food in a straight line using conventional knives? Check out our video to find out more about how properly-designed knives can make a big difference to left-handers in the kitchen.
Right now if you order three of our left-handed chef’s knives you’ll get 50% off the price of the cheapest one.

See our range of knives here


Fantastic Custom-Printed Items with Left Handed Slogans

Our Cafe Press store has a huge range of clothes and accessories available with our left-handed slogans and graphics printed on them – such as ‘Embrace Your Smudge'

Visit the Store


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One comment on “LHC NL May 2016
  1. Gordon Wallin says:

    Thanks for keeping in touch from a guy on the “Left Coast” of Canada, with an eldest daughter who is Left-Handed, and whose youngest daughter’s husband is Left-Handed and with a sister, my sister, who is Left-Handed; I appreciate this unique connection with other “Lefties”, or as my American relatives say, “South Paws”.
    (I this from when most one room school houses always had the entrance at the East so all the students faced West, so….there you go. I’ve sent your email to my eldest and we both’ve ordered stuff from you-I think? Anyhow thanks again.

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