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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

March 2016

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In this edition:
  • Advice for Left Handed DIY and Gardening
  • 25% off Stafor Left Handed Gardening Equipment (until end of April 2016)

Spring Is In The Air!

The joy of left handed pruners

The joy of left handed pruners

The days are starting to get longer and warmer, which means it’s time to start thinking about doing all those odd jobs around the house and the garden that have been stacking up.
Tackling DIY and gardening means having a lot of enthusiasm, a decent amount of knowledge and access to the right tools. However, when you are left-handed, the standard tools you can pick in any hardware store just don’t cut it – literally!
This month we are focussing on left-handed gardening and DIY, looking at how left-handers are unstoppable with the right tools.

Essential Advice for Left Handed DIY and Gardening

Left Handed Tape Measure Used by a Lefty

Proof how important left-handed tape measures are

Check out our blog article about how one Left Handed Club member made the mistake of trying to use right-handed tools.
“Confession time: In the past I have been guilty of thinking that left handed tools were just a ‘nice-to-have’ rather than being essential. Surely us lefties are skilled enough to muddle through with cheaper right-handed tools right?”

Read The Article

25% Off Stafor Garden Tools

Use the coupon code LHCGA before the end of April 2016 to receive 25% off our Stafor garden products (shown below).

left handed prunersStafor Left Handed Pruners

Was £27.95 ($39.95) now £20.96 ($29.95) – 25% off with coupon code LHCGA
These Stafor Pruners are essential for anyone needing to tidy up their greenery, and until the end of April 2016 we are offering a massive 25% off!
Was £22.95 ($32.80) now £17.21 ($24.60) – 25% off with coupon code LHCGA
This Stafor Pruning/Grafting Knife is designed to help more experienced gardeners with precision work. Until the end of April 2016 we are offering a massive 25% off!

Cafe Press Printed ProductsFantastic Custom-Printed Items with Left Handed Slogans

Our Cafe Press store has a huge range of clothes and accessories available with our left-handed slogans and graphics printed on them – such as our new ‘Left Handers Unite' graphic (pictured above)

Visit the Store


Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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2 comments on “LHC NL March 2016
  1. Lilyana Yull says:

    I want one of those Jackets

  2. James Davison says:

    I find many power tools designed for right-haders positively dangerous, especially my hedge trimmer and my electric drill when a saw attachment is used as I can’t use these right-handed so don’t have easy access to the emergency cut-off buttons/levers.

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