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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

February 2016

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In this edition:
  • Left Handers Unite!
  • Left handed musical geniuses
  • Learn to play guitar left-handed
  • Left-handed mice

Left Handers Unite

The Left Handers Who Changed Music Forever

This month we are shining a bright spotlight at the left-handed guitarists who changed the face of music forever.

Not only that, but if you are inspired to learn the guitar or improve your playing, we’ve got some great products and offers to help get you started.

Left Handers Unite

Left Handers Unite!

Our latest design in our printed product store is a call to action for left handers everywhere. With a bright colorful design showing left-hands punching the air, we love this design and we hope you do.

Left Handed Musical Pioneers

Left Handed Guitar Pioneers

Over the last 60 years, left-handed musicians have changed the definition of what pop and rock music is, and worn their left-handedness as a badge of pride rather than a handicap to be overcome. Here are three of the most exciting.

Paul McCartney – Not only a great songwriter, his versatility with any sort of guitar, and stunning musicianship on stage made him an icon and role model for guitarists everywhere.

Jimi Hendrix – Whereas McCartney and his peers used guitars to support their songs, Hendrix made the guitar a star in its own right; completely redefining the possibilities of the instrument.

Kurt Cobain – Cobain combined a high quality of musicianship and song-writing with an emotional vulnerability and raw power that transformed rock music at the start of the 1990s.
Are these guitarists great despite being left-handed, or because they are left-handed? We definitely think that being left-handed has all sorts of advantages, especially in the areas of imagination, creativity and music. Being left-handed often means you grow up always having to think differently to your peers and see things in a different way – maybe this helped these three musicians to blaze their own trails rather than simply fit in.

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Now It's Your Turn

Inspired to chaLearn Left Handed Guitarnge the world of music? Anything Left Handed sells a great range of guitar books and wall charts to help you learn and perfect playing the guitar left-handed.

Wanting to buy a left-handed guitar? Although we don’t stock them ourselves, we can recommend some great suppliers, which we’ve listed at the end of this email.

See Our Left Handed Guitar Books >

Left Handed MouseAlso on Anything Left Handed

We have just got these great left-handed mice in stock. These Minicute EZ Mice are ergonomically designed to be used without having to twist your wrist – helping reduce the risk of RSI. They are specifically designed for left-handers and will help you use your computer comfortably and efficiently. Available in wired and wireless versions

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Keith and Lauren Milsom
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