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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

November 2015

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In this edition:
  • Four footed and left-pawed
  • Check out our left-handed Christmas cards
  • Left handed people must be the only ones in their right minds
  • Left-handed gift ideas


Best Paw Forward!

dogDid you know that animals can be left-handed (or left-pawed) just like us? Take dogs for example. Tests show that when a dog gets up and starts walking, or when it ‘shakes’ paw, or when it tries to reach for something it will prefer using either its left paw or its right paw every time.
And a recent study in The Netherlands has proved that left-handed dogs, just like humans, are superior in many ways to right-handed ones! You can read more about this on our blog here.
Also this month, we are dusting off our decorations as Christmas is fast approaching. We’ve got some fantastic left-handed Christmas cards to get you in the mood, and you can click the banners in this email to find some great gift suggestions for the lefty in your life.
Not only that, but we’ve got a new design in our merchandise store and some great product offers for you to check out.


christmas-card-imageLeft-Handed Christmas Cards

What better way to share some festive left-handed fun than with our left-handed Christmas cards?
Our card designs, just added to our Café Press merchandise store, have a fun ‘Tis The Season To Be Lefty!’ design and are available opening from the bottom, right or, left-handed style, from left to right.  They are all blank inside so you can write your own messages.




In-Their-Right-Minds-300New Design: Left-Handers Are The Only Ones In Their Right Mind

W. C. Fields once famously wrote that:
“If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then left-handed people must be the only ones in their right minds.”
We couldn’t agree more, so we have added a design featuring this quote to our merchandise store and created it across the full range of over 70 differemt items.


Waiter's corkscrew left-handed
The traditional professional corkscrew design, with a fully reversed anti-clockwise screw thread so you can open your bottles of Christmas wine in the natural left-handed direction.
£9.95 ($15.13) Order Now
T-Pattern Corkscrew
Traditional design with beech wood handle and, of course, a left-hand twist! Make opening your festive drinks a pleasure by turning the corkscrew in your natural direction.
£3.95 ($6.01) Order Now
New: Callicreative Set of 3 Left Handed Italic Marker Pens
Manuscript are renowned for the quality of their calligraphy sets and have now created a new product for lefthanders, the Callicreative italic marker pens.
The set features 3 different tip widths (1mm, 2mm and 3mm) and each tip is cut at an oblique angle ideal for left handers and Arabic style writing. The markers are disposable calligraphy pens with high quality fibre tip nibs that retain their shape for precise writing lines and they have a comfortable ergonomic grip and long lasting black washable ink.

£5.99 ($9.11) Order Now

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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