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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

October 2015 B

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In this edition:

  • Download your 2016 Backwards Calendar
  • Xmas delivery dates
  • New retractable tape measure
  • Correction and update on Oklahoma teacher story

Look Ahead With Our FREE Backwards Calendar!

Backwards calendar 2016 for lefthandersOur FREE backwards calendar for 2016 is now available for download. This guide to the year ahead has all the days running right to left as a lot of left-handers are naturally inclined to read in that direction. As well as a handy way to see the year at a glance, it’s a great way to confuse right-handers and start a conversation about what makes left-handers unique.

You can download the calendar by visiting our website and then clicking on the links there. It’s available in PDF and JPG versions and also available with the week starting on a Monday or a Sunday


Left handed gifts for ChristmasDelivery Dates for the Festive Season

On the subject of planning ahead, all the shipping deadlines for Holiday/Christmas deliveries this year are now online here.
In summary:
United Kingdom – Monday 21st December
Western Europe, USA, Canada – Monday 14th December
Eastern Europe – Monday 7th December
Rest of World – Friday 4th December
And this seems an appropriate time to mention that we have a great selection of gifts in our online store.  Please place your orders in early to make sure your gifts are delivered in plenty of time.
Printed Products Store Shipping Dates
Left handed designs on printed products

All the items in our printed merchandise store are printed in the US, so if you are ordering from outside the US and want a gift in time for Christmas, please make sure you allow plenty of time for delivery.

Visit our online printed products shop to see the full range

New Product: Retractable Left-Handed Tape Measure

Left-handed tape measure
The markings on this tape measure are the correct way round for left-handers when you extend the tape measure by fixing the end then pulling it away with your left hand – the same as our left-handed rulers with the scale running from right to left.
£12.95 ($19.90)

Correction from the last newsletter, and Update

In the lead story about the boy from Oklahoma who was forced to write with his left hand at school, we somehow managed to write that he was forced to ‘right with his left hand’ when  it was supposed to say he was forced to ‘write with his right hand'. And we thought left-handers were meant to be good at details and proof-reading! Thanks to all the readers who spotted that one.

Despite out typos, this story generated a huge amount of interest and you can see all the comments we received here.

The update is that this teacher had apparently done the same thing to at least one other young child and after her parents complained as well the teacher was forced to resign.

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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3 comments on “LHC NL Oct 2015 B
  1. John rosado says:

    We left handed people are the ones with the common sense, not the righties, just look at all the wars and killings, done by the right handed people of this evil right handed world!!

  2. John rosado says:

    Do you know who are the real evil ones of this world, it’s the right handed people, that’s who.

  3. John rosado says:

    The reason why this world is so screwed up is because of the right handedness!! The wrong handedness would be the right hand, just take a look at history, all the wars and murders committed by right handedness!!

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