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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

October 2015

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In this edition:

  • Medieval Beliefs Alive and Well in the Twenty-First Century!
  • 100% Leftastic – new design for our printed products
  • 2016 Desk Diaries and Calendars In Stock Now

Medieval Beliefs Alive and Well in the Twenty-First Century!

Hi there, and welcome to the October edition of the Left-Handers Club newsletter.

Left handed children starting schoolSeptember saw lots of young left-handers starting school for the first time across the world, and thanks to the tireless work of the Left Handers Club, amongst many others, most of the little lefties amongst us will have had a very good start to their school year. These days, most schools are well-prepared to help young left-handers properly, and well supplied with the right scissors and writing aids to help with activities and letter formation.

Sadly, there are always exceptions to this trend, and we were shocked to hear about a four year old boy in Oklahoma last month whose teacher not only forced him to write with his right hand but also sent him home with a note explaining that left-handedness is ‘sinister’ and ‘of the devil’.


100% Leftastic100% Leftastic – new design for our printed products

What better way to stand up against ignorance and be proud of your left-handedness than by wearing our new bright and bold “100% Leftastic” T-shirt – available in our merchandise store. You can also get this new design on mugs, caps, bags, prints, stationery, badges and loads more items.

Visit our online printed products shop to see the full range

100% Leftastic products

2016 Desk Diaries and Calendars In Stock Now

Start planning for next year with our exclusive left-handed desk calendars and desk diaries.


2016 Block Calendar The Left Hander's Block Calendar
Each page of our 2016 block calendar includes a little known fact, quote, bit of trivia, or tale about left-handedness, or information about a famous left-handed person. It also recognizes the birthdays of famous left-handed people.
£10.99 ($16.68)  Order now
2016 Desk Diary The Left Hander's Desk Diary
Our exclusive left-handers desk diary has the spiral binding down the right so your left hand won’t be constantly rubbing against the binding as you update your diary. The pages also feature fun left-handed facts, trivia and quotes.
£10.99 ($16.68)   Order now

The 2016 LHC Backwards Calendar will be ready soon, watch out for our next newsletter.

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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