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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

August 2015

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In this edition:

  • Left Handers Day 2015 graphics for sharing
  • New designs and printed products

Left Handers Day Official Site

Left Handers Day is Only One Week Away!

Left Handers Day takes place on August 13th every year, and is the place to go to read exclusive content, see graphics to share and join in all the fun. In this newsletter you'll find out more about the fun images and articles we've added, but the best thing to do is go there yourself and have a look around:

New printed products and designs now available

Don't forget this year that we also have a fantastic official store where you can buy, t-shirts, mugs, caps, bags and all sorts of things with our fun left-handed slogans and artwork.
I may be left-handed but I'm always right designIn response to your many requests we have now added a lot more product options so do go back to the shop and have a good look around. 
We have also added a new design – “I May Be Left-Handed But I'm Always Right”, available printed on over 140 products, now including caps, aprons, mousemats, kindle and ipad sleeves, posters, wall decals, clocks, badges, magnets, stickers, keyrings, cards and many more.
Printed products for Left handers Day
New Printed products for Left handers Day

Share The Fun with #lefthandersday

#lefthandersday hashtag

Last year the #lefthandersday hash tag was trending as the second most popular topic on Twitter on 13th August and this year we want to see whether we can go one better!
We are posting regularly on our Twitter page and our Facebook page in the run up to Left Handers Day so make sure you follow us there to join in the fun.
We have also got lots of fun graphics on Instagram, Pinterest and the Left Handers Day website, which you can view, download, share and even use as your profile picture.

Super Lefties

Bill Gates Superpower T-ShirtThis year we are asking the question: “I'm Left Handed – What's Your Superpower?”.
We believe that being left-handed gives us an advantage over boring old right-handed people, and to illustrate that we have set up pages to profile famous leaders, pop idols, sports stars, scientists and many others to show how being left-handed can be a fantastic super-power.

Find out more about our Super Lefties

Spot The Difference

Spot the difference - left-handed scissorsWhat are the differences between products for left-handed people and their and right-handed equivalents? Most right-handers would never even think about it so we use Left Handers Day to raise awareness and get some discussion going on about products that are difficult to use for lefthanders.

Find out more over at

Best wishes
Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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