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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

July 2015 (B)

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In this edition:

  • Printed items for Left Handers Day 2015 – 13th August

Left Handers Day is Only Three Weeks Away!

Left Handers Day takes place on August 13th every year, and what better way to show everyone how proud you are of being left-handed than with a T-shirt, Mug, Bag or other accessory that proudly declares your left-handedness to everyone.
For this year's Left Handers Day, we've created an online merchandise store with ‘CafePress', where you can purchase some great products with our fun left-handed slogans and graphics.
The T-Shirts used for printing are high-quality USA produced American Apparel products and the other items are of a similar high quality so we think they offer good value for money once you include the custom printed designs.
Printed products for Left Handers Day


 Left Handers Day Designs
Printed products for Left handers Day

Super Lefties

Left Handed Superpower printed productsOne theme of this year’s Left Handers Day is Super Lefties – those leaders of politics, industry, media, sport and science who have risen to their prominent positions in part thanks to their superior left-handedness (well we think so anyway!).
To celebrate this we have a couple of great designs on offer.
I’m Left-Handed, What’s Your Superpower?
We think that being left-handed gives us an edge that righties don’t have, so why not call it a super-power? This design has a great left-handed super-hero motif, and asks the question of all those non-lefties out there – what’s your superpower?

Super Lefty Logo

Left Handed Mug with lefty superhero logoWe also have the left-handed super-hero logo available without the slogan.

See the full product range

Embrace Your Smudge

The winner of our Left Handers Day design competition, Nicholas Fields, came up with this fantastic design that proudly embraces one of the common ‘disadvantages’ of left-handedness: smudging your writing and design work with your hand. So rather than being embarrassed about it – let’s celebrate it with this range of fun and colourful designs.

See the full product range with the Smudge design

Live Life Left

Simple, and effective – we all think that living life left-handed is by far the best way to live it – and this design states that proudly.
Available in both blue and pink versions of the design on a wide range of T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, bags, coasters and many more items.

Delivery, Tax and Customs

You can order in a range of currencies and pay by Card or Paypal for delivery anywhere in the world.  Prices for UK orders include VAT and there is no duty payable.  USA orders include sales tax apart from certain states.  You can see the details and the expected delivery date for your selected options in your shopping cart after you select your items and before you complete your payment.
Please note that these items are printed to order and supplied direct from CafePress so cannot be combined with orders for our own left-handed products.

Gift Orders

If you want to send one of our printed items direct to someone else as a gift, you can tick the option in the checkout to add a free message of up to 300 characters and a delivery address different to your billing address.  Also, no prices are shown on the paperwork sent with the products for gift orders. 

For a small extra charge, you can have each item separately wrapped in its own gift box or bag – see full details in the checkout.

Order your Left Handers Day printed items now

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Best wishes
Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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2 comments on “LHC NL Jul 2015 B
  1. Mary Marshall says:


    Great stuff, but…….. mystified and disappointed by the photos of the merchandise mugs with the handles pointing to the side for righthanders!!

    • Keith says:

      We don’t get control over those images on the CafePress site but we have positioned the design the way round we want them for left-handers holding the mugs.

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