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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

July 2015

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In this edition:

  • Helping Left Handed Children infographic
  • Zebra Sarasa non-smudge pens
  • Left Handers Day is coming

Helping young left-handed childrenHelping Left Handed Children Infographic

We are often asked about the things parents of young left-handed children need to watch out for and how they can help, so we have put our best advice into an “infographic” that can easily be shared online so as many people as possible can see it.
Click here to see the full infographic on our blog and then use the buttons on that page to share it to your favourite social media so others can benefit from it.
If you have any additional advice of your own, please add it as a comment on the blog post

Your Left Handed Child Book

There is a lot more detailed information about left-handed children and advice on how to help them overcome some of the frustrations of living in a right-handed world in Lauren Milsom's very popular book.

The information is available as a 128 page full-colour printed book:

Click here to order the printed version of the book (£9.99 / US $ 15.64)

OR we have a special offer on the e-book version, available for  instant download that you can open and read on your computer or other device, or print your favourite sections from.

Your Left Handed Child Book

Special offer on download version of the book

To support our new infographic, we are offering Left Handers Club Members a big discount on the ebook version for all orders placed in July 2015 (this is a digital book that you download and view on your computer, so there is no delivery charge).

Normally £4.95 / US $ 7.75

Use this link to order the DOWNLOAD version at only £2.95 / US $ 4.62

Zebra Sarasa non-smudge pens

We are always looking out for new developments in ink technology and pen design to help left-handers and Zebra have recently released their new Rapid Dry Ink technology. The ink dries in less than a second, in an instant on most surfaces, and won an award at the 2014 London Stationery Show.  It is ideal for left-handers who need to avoid smudging their work!
Zebra Sarasa non-smudge pens

The Zebra Sarasa pens are available in packs of 3 of a single colour (blue or black) with a 0.7mm point size.  Refills are available in packs of 2 of a single colour (blue or black) and you can select either the 0.7mm point or the finer 0.5mm point.

Use this link to find out more and order your Zebra non-smudge pens

Left Handers Day is coming – August 13

New graphics for Left Handers Day 2015Our annual celebration of all things left-handed is getting close.  We have produced some great new graphics and slogans for sharing online and we are also making them available printed on a wide range of products.

All will be revealed very soon, so watch out for our next newsletter!

Best wishes
Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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