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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

May 2015

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In this edition:

  • Your Left Handers Day thoughts and images
  • Left Handers Day Design Competition

Left Handers Day 2015: Over To You!

On August 13th 2014, Twitter went absolutely mad with one word:
Last year’s Left Handers Day was an incredible success with thousands of left-handed people from all over the world posting about being left-handed. It was a great way to celebrate being left-handed, and raise awareness of the day-to-day issues facing us lefties. We even had companies like HP, Ruffles and Adobe joining in on the fun with Left-Handers Day themed adverts.
This year we want Left-Handers Day to be even bigger and better, and for that we need the help of you – the Left-Handers Club members.

Tell us what you think!

I may be left-handed graphicWhat did you think of last year’s artwork and graphics? Any favourites?

You can see a selection at the official Left Handers' Day site here.
Any ideas for how to celebrate Left-Handers Day this year?
Did you spot anything last year that we missed?
As well as the official graphics, there were plenty of other popular graphics shared last year, some of which you can see at our gallery here. Are there any that you particularly like, or are there any others that you saw which we missed. Again, let us know by clicking the link below and leaving a comment with the url address of the page where you saw it.

See our images galler and add comments on new ones you find

Left-Handed Design Competition

Any budding Da Vincis or Michelangelos out there?
Left handers Day design competitionHistory is full of fantastic left-handed artists. Are you ready to join their ranks? We are looking for new illustrations to promote Left-Handers Day 2015, and we would love it if the designs came from our fantastic Club members. The designs we pick will be used on Twitter and Facebook, on our website and even on t-shirts and mugs. The illustration should be something fun and eye-catching, which talks about the issues lefties face, or how awesomely special we are (or both!).
It does not have to be perfect artwork – we are happy to receive notes of your ideas on left-handed saying or slogans and sketches of your ideas as wqell asd an print-ready images.
As a prize we’ll send you a t-shirt or mug (your choice) with your winning artwork printed on it.
If you’d like to submit a piece of artwork for consideration, please use the form here before May 31st 2015. Winning entries will be used by us as part of the promotional activities for Left-Handers Day, and a credit to you, together with a link to your website or Instagram page will be included on the Left-Handers Day Artwork page

Best wishes
Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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