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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

February 2015

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In this edition:

  • Presidents' Day 16 February
  • Pens Offer
  • Matt Groening and famous left-hander birthdays

Presidents' Day

US President SealOriginally to celebrate the birthday of President George Washington, this day is now a holiday in the United States to remember all Presidents and is on the third Monday of February – the 16th this year.

In recent years, a much higher than expected percentage of U.S. Presidents have been left-handed, with 5 of the last 7 being lefthanders. Here is the full list of left-handed presidents:

  • James A. Garfield  (1881) 20th president
  • Herbert Hoover  (1929-1933) 31st
  • Harry S. Truman  (1945-1953) 33rd
  • Gerald Ford  (1974-1977) 38th
  • Ronald Reagan  (1981 -1989) 40th (changed to write right-handed)
  • George H.W. Bush  (1989-1993) 41st
  • Bill Clinton  (1993-2001) 42nd
  • Barack Obama (2009-present) 44th

ford-clinton-obamaWhen Barack Obama signed his inaugural documents left-handed on  20 January 2009, he said “I'm a lefty, get used to it!”.  He has also said that he was hit with a ruler at school for writing left-handed.

This phenomenon of left-handers dominating political leadership does not seem to occur in other countries, so we are not sure why lefthanders have done so exceptionally well in American politics in recent years. 

Use this link to see our full article on left-handed U.S. presidents and add your comments.

Cambridge left handed c artridge penLeft-Handed Cartridge Pens

We are not sure if all those left-handed Presidents had the benefit of a left-handed pen to write with but, if you want a smooth ink flow without scratching as you push your pen across the page, we can definitely recommend them! 

Oxford left handed c artridge pen

Left Handers Club members can get 20% off of our popular Oxford and Cambridge cartridge pens on all orders placed up to 28 February 2015.  Just enter Coupon Code LHCCA into the shopping cart below your pen once you have selected it and click Update to see your discount calculated.  We have not put a restriction on this offer so you can order both pens or multiples and get the discount on all of them.

Famous Left-Handers Birthdays – Matt Groening

Matt Groening, Left Handed CartoonistBorn on the 15th February 1954 in Portland, Oregon, he is best-known as the co-creator of TV Series The Simpsons which started in 1989 and has now aired over 550 episodes. 
Image description

One of the lead characters, Bart Simpson, is famously left-handed and there was an episode about Ned Flanders opening a left-handed shop called The Leftorium (season 3, episode 3, we are pretty sure that Matt based the store on our own Anything Left handed Shop in London).  A lot of the characters in The Simpsons are left-handed and Groening revealed in the DVD commentary for When Flanders Failed that about 1 in 3 Springfieldians are left-handed, as compared to about 1 in 10 in real life. 

In 2009, The Simpsons surpassed Gunsmoke to become the longest-running entertainment series in primetime television and Matt Groening received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on February 14, 2012.
Other famous left-handed birthdays in the next few weeks:
  • 16 Feb – John McEnroe, Tennis player
  • 18 Feb – Matt Dillon, Actor
  • 19 Feb – Seal, Singer
  • 19 Feb – Tony Iommi, Guitarist, Black Sabbath
  • 20 Feb – Kurt Cobain, Singer
  • 22 Feb – Lord Baden-Powell, Boy Scouts founder
  • 23 Feb – Peter Fonda, Actor
  • 25 Feb – Enrico Caruso, Opera singer
  • 28 Feb – Linus Pauling, Scientist

Best wishes
Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers Club

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