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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

August 2014

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In this edition:

  • What a great Left-Handers Day!
  • Our Left handers Day video of our favourite images from the day

What a great Left-Handers Day

Left Handers Day 2014August 13th 2014 was our biggest Left Handers Day ever so thank you for participating and we hope you had a bit of fun with it.

  • Over150,00 people visited our website on the day
  • Over 13,000 people shared our graphics on Facebook, meaning nearly 1 million people saw something on Facebook about Left handers Day
  • More than 17,000 people completed our “How left-handed are you?” test
    (use this link to see our initial analysis of the results)
  • Our hastag #lefthandersday had huge activity on Twitter and was trending in the top 3 through most of the day.

Go to the Left-Handers' Day website to find out more

Video of our favourite images from the day

A lot of people created their own images for Left Handers Day and also a lot of businesses had fun with it by putting a left-handed angle onto their products.   We have produced a video slideshow of our favourite images from the day and set it to the Lefty's Lament song.

We hope you enjoy it and please share it as widely as you can.

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Best wishes
Keith and Lauren Milsom
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