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Left Handers Club Newsletter

Left Handers Club Newsletter

July 2014

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In this edition:

  • Preparing for Left-Handers Day
  • New format for our newsletter
  • Mobile app with a left-handed mode
  • Product review: Stabilo EASY Pens

Left-Handed and Proud

Left Handers DayWe are so excited about this year's Left-Handers' Day on August 13! We've been gearing up for it this year with a brand new website (coming very soon), and we would love you to be involved, spreading the word online to everyone you know about how proud you are of being left handed. You'll probably discover lots of new left-handed friends you never knew you had!

Here are some of the ways you'll be able to get involved:

  • Change your profile picture on twitter or Facebook to one of our special ones for Left-Handers Day.
  • Share our fun left-handed quotes online.
  • Use the hashtag #lefthandersday on twitter and Facebook – let's see if we can get it trending!
  • Download and print out our posters to decorate your home or office.

Left Handers' Day on August 13th is an unmissable opportunity to raise the profile of left-handers all over the world, and remind everyone how proud we are of our differences.

Watch out for our next newsletter in early August for all the details of how you can join in and leave us a comment now with any ideas you have for sharing Left Handers Day


Read our newsletter on mobile devices

New format for our newsletter

More than 50% of the Club Members who receive our newsletter now view it using a mobile device – their smartphone or tablet.   Our previous format was designed to be viewed on a desktop computer and was very difficult to see on a phone screen so we have completely changed things and moved to a “responsive” design that should work really well on both large and small screens, with the layout adapting to give the best fit and make it all readable and clickable!

We would be very interested to know if it is not working well for, so if you have any problems reading this newsletter on your device pleaseuse the link below to leave a comment on the online version of this article.   Let us know the type of device you are using and what problem you had and we will see if we can fix it.

(We are currently working on a major redevelopment of our Anything Left Handed website to make both the shop and all of our information pages responsive as well and that should be ready in September so please bear with us).

Making sure you receive your newsletter
Email services are increasing filtering email so to maie sure you receive your newsletter please add our address to you approved senders and set newsletter emails to go to your Primary Tab or equivalent.   Use the link below to see simple instructions for how to do this with all the major email providers
Whitelisting instructions to make sure your newsletter is not wrongly filtered
Leave us a comment if you have any problems seeing this newsletter on your device

Notability App with left-handed mode

Notability App has a Left-Handed Mode

We were very impressed to see that the Notability app from Ginger Labs includes a left-handed mode that changes the way the “palm rest” works. This feature allows you to drag up an area at the bottom of the screen where you can rest your palm while making a handwritten note to stop your hand making unwanted marks on the screen. In left-handed mode, you can drag the palm rest down from the top of the screen instead and the toolbars also move from top the to the bottom of the screen. This is useful if you write left-handed with a “hook style” and need to rest your palm above your writing line.

Has anyone else noticed any other new apps or technologies out there that take us lefties into consideration?

Leave us a comment with any other products you know about

Product Review: Stabilo Easy Original Left-Handed Rollerball, Metallic finish

Stabilo left-handed penIf you haven't checked out our range of Stabilo EASY pens, there's never been a better time than now. For the month of July only, we're offering 10% off the entire range of Stabilo pens and pencils, and 25% off the fantastic-looking metallic finish pen shown here (available with blue or pink grip).

If you've ever struggled with using regular pens, then these are made for you – literally! They have a special grip made for lefties and quick-drying ink to reduce smudging. This pen also comes with a ‘Colorkilla' Ink Eraser pen for removing any mistakes you make, and also comes with two ink cartridges.

Normally £6.45, save 25% using the button below and use Coupon Code LHCJ14 to save 25% on the rest of the Stabio EASY range (use this link to see how to use a coupon code in our online shop)Order Stabilo left-handed pen


Best wishes

Keith and Lauren Milsom
and all at The Left-Handers ClubIf you like what we are doing, please recommend us to your friends – you can use the Share link at the top right of all our pages

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One comment on “LHC NL July 2014
  1. Judy Isaacson says:

    I posted to Facebook your piece regarding Left-handers Day, prefaced with a few statements from moi. I always like to squeeze in enlightening information for the general public when the opportunity and venue present themselves.

    I look forward to your new format!


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