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Left Handers Club Newsletter – June 2014

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1. Left-Handers Day is coming – August 13th

Lefty Zone - No right hands!Left-Handers' Day is a great chance to celebrate being left-handed with millions of other left-handers all over the world. All year long, we lefties have to fit in with a right-handed world, but on August 13th it is time to demonstrate our left-handed solidarity and superiority.

Here at the Left Handers Club we are preparing some great ideas and special product deals to celebrate the day, but why not share some of your own ideas for Left-Handers' Day with some comments over on our website.

Ideas for celebrating Left-Handers Day could be:

  • Show your right-handed family members what you have to deal with every day. Why not ask them to help with cooking a meal using only their left hand? They'll soon see how difficult regular peelers, spatulas, microwaves and bread-knives are to use with their left hand.
  • Maybe have a drinking game with your right-handed friends, where everybody has to just use their left hand – and anyone who touches the glass with their right hand has to do a forfeit.
  • Create a ‘Left-Handed Zone' in your office with some of our posters that are available to download from the official Left-Handers' Day website.

Any other ideas? Share them by commenting on our post.

2. Left-Handed science with James May

This interesting video from BBC's James May (as part of his YouTube ‘Head Squeeze' series) looks into the science behind why people are left-handed. Is it genetic? Is it a disadvantage? These questions and more are covered in the video:

James May video on left-handedness

Use this link to watch the video

3. Help needed with new left-handed research

Do you have a lot of lefthanders in your family?   You could help with some important research if you are willing to answer a few short questions.

Lots of left-handers in the family?Professor Chris McMaus from University College London tells us that some some colleagues in Nijmegen in Holland are starting up some work trying to seek out genes for right- and left-handedness. Their approach is different from the usual scattergun approaches, and instead is interested in looking for the rare families with large numbers of left-handers (and by large they really mean large — their ideal is ten or more, although they are looking at families with 6 or more). The best way of approaching such things is through large numbers of people who might have numbers of left-handers in their family – and where better for that than the Left Handers Club?

See our article here for more information and for the link to register for helping out with the research. We will report on this again in a later newsletter.

4. Left handed Knives and Sets
Left handed essentials sets
Left handed knives

Order selections of our most popular left-handed items at a discount to the normal prices

Order your left-handed sets

5. Everyday inconveniences

Right handed milk bottleWe had this comment from Enid recently on our website

Have you noticed the right-handed 4 pint milk containers?  Makes life quite awkward.  They're in Lidl and Farm Foods so far but I'm sure they will spread to other suppliers in due course.

We decided to do some research ourselves, and found that Enid was right. The 4 pint containers are rectangular (nothing unusual in that) but by putting the handle in one corner they have made it that little bit harder for left-handed people to pour. Some people would say this sort of ‘minor' difference is trivial and us lefthanders should stop moaning and just put up with it – does it annoy you when designers go with the right-handed route when it would be easy to make the thing truly ambidextrous?

Let us know if you spot any other everyday inconveniences by commenting here

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