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Left Handers Club Newsletter – May 2014

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1. Member offer – 20% off everything for May only

A few members have been telling us they missed our January sale and asking if we will be doing more price reductions for members. Well, here it is – 20% off everything for the month of May only for all Left Handers Club Members!

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2. Anti-clockwise races

We had a comment on our sports page recently that got us thinking…

As far as running round a track is concerned, having watched the Olympic speed skating where the athletes go around the track with their left leg on the inside, I feel disadvantaged because I would like my right leg to be on the inside. Do you know what I mean?

We had a think about this and did some research and it is true that most sports, and in fact most other things involving some sort of circular movement, do go anti-clockwise.  For example:

  • Athletics track races
  • Track cycle races
  • Speed skating
  • Roller derby
  • The customary flow of people around an ice-skating rink
  • The normal direction of dancers moving around a dance floor
  • Motorcycle speedway
  • NASCAR racing
  • Horse racing
  • Greyhound racing

And for good measure, a whole load of non-sporting activities:

  • Merry-go-rounds and other carnival rides
  • Revolving doors
  • The chariot race in Ben-Hur
  • The usual direction in which people spin Hula Hoops
  • Aircraft carrier landing patterns

There are a whole load of reasons given for this but a lot of it seems to come back to the fact that the majority of the population are right-handed and right-footed and that stronger right side makes it more efficient to move turning to the left.  When you push off with your right foot, it automatically pushes you in an anti-clockwise direction.

This original direction has led to a lot of other activities following the same pattern, even though the direction is not actually important.

Use this link to read our full article on this with a lot more "reasons" for the anti-clockwise direction as well as some exceptions. If you know more about this, please add your thoughts as a comment on the article.

3. Left-handedness – the good and the bad

We came across an interesting article in the Mail Online that we think you will find interesting –
Why being left handed can make you more successful – but also raises your risk of mental illness and being injured in accidents

Here are some of the main points from the article:

  • Most people think of left-handedness as a genetic thing, and while there is a link, new evidence indicates that it may often be the result of developmental glitches. This, in turn, may make lefties more susceptible to some mental disorders, as well as being accident-prone.
  • The latest research on left-handedness comes from Yale University. Researchers claim their study shows it has a strong link with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia.
    While around one in ten people are left-handed, the study, published in this month's edition of the journal SAGE Open, found that four in ten of those with schizophrenic illnesses are lefties.
  • Another new study suggests difficult conditions in the womb – such as toxins, stress or malnutrition – may make it more likely that children are born left-handed. That poor environment may also make them more vulnerable to developing schizophrenic disorders.
  • Problems in the womb may also explain why left-handedness appears to make children more accident-prone.
    A Harvard University Medical School report this year suggests, however, that some of the difference in accidents may be due to the fact that lefties have to cope with a world tailored for right-handers.
    ‘For example, left-handers might have more accidents when using power tools designed for right-handed workers,' the report says.
  • Perhaps the most surprising aspect of left-handedness comes from Richard Green, a professor of psychiatry at the Gender Identity Clinic, Imperial College London. His research has found that transse+xual men and women are mainly left-handed.This was based on a study of 400 male and 100 female transs-exuals over four years. The study found that the majority were left-handed, which again goes against the trend for the rest of the population.
  • Are lefties disproportionately brilliant? Chris McManus, professor of psychology and medical education at University College London, argues that left-handed people as a group have indeed historically produced an above-average quota of high achievers. He says that the different way many left-handers' brains are structured widens their range of abilities.
  • Numbers of left-handers are rising. Professor McManus adds that the rising age of motherhood has contributed to that, since, statistically, older mums are more likely to give birth to left-handed children, though the reasons why are not clear.
  • Professor McManus argues that the increasing numbers of left-handers could produce a corresponding intellectual advance among humankind and growth in numbers of mathematical and artistic geniuses, and other high achievers, such as those already mentioned.

So, despite all our failings and problems, left-handers might still save the world!

Read the full article here

4. Left handed eating attitude

This story was included in recent newsletter and you can see the history here, but we had a comment on the website recently that we really felt we should share as it shows the sort of negative and unhelpful attitudes that cause these problems for us lefthanders.

I don’t agree, does that mean I can’t put my opinion here?
What a load of rubbish. Traditionally the table is laid fork left, knife right, if you want your child to be singled out then you are on the right track. Any formal meal, even in ordinary restaurants this is how the place setting is laid. Changing this will not change your child just challenge them, like life itself will do making them stronger. At least the school is not making them change their dominant hand to write, now there’s a problem you could worry about.

Well, that's told us! Please add your thoughts on the original article here

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4 comments on “LHC NL May 2014
  1. John says:

    English cars seem to be made for left-handers. Control buttons, switches, navigation and gearhandle are easy to manage for left-handers. Cars at the continent, with the steering wheel at the left side, are made for right-handers. The possitive element that I miss here is that left-handers are more flexible than right-handers. We have to, otherwise we would not be able to overcome handling problems for products and interior sollutions of buildings that are made for right-handers. Left-handers are by far much more creative and sensitive. Long live the differences!

  2. Hanes carter says:

    As for motor racing……I worked at a go cart track where we raced anti-clockwise……..after closing those of us who worked there would race each other. When we tried to race clockwise we would instantly spin out. I believe this was caused by the torque of the engine as relates to direction of rotation of the crankshaft….I.E. There could be under lying reasons why motor vehicles generally race counter-clockwise.

  3. Dougie says:

    Has the time come to moan at Google? Have you seen Google Glass? Have you noticed the BBC’s Rory Cellan Jones wearing his Google Glass?

    Have you spotted that Google Glass is 100% right handed?

    Can we lefties petition Google to think about the better handed folks? We need a left handed version of Google Glass. If I were tempted to buy one (and I’m not), I’m not going to buy a right handed piece of tech, we already have enough things that are designed to make the world harder for the better handed folk.

    • Nancy Shepherd says:

      I’d never heard of google glass so I, em, googled it.

      You’re right, Dougie! Or should I say correct to avoid the R word?!

      On the click I saw, a leftie used chopsticks.

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