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Left Handers Club Newsletter – January 2014

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1. One-sided clothing – bad for left-handers

We did a little piece on this a while ago asking for your experiences and thoughts and, as always, we got plenty! Use this link to see the original article and full Member comments, but here is a summary of the main points people have raised:

  • scrub bottom right handedScrub top right-handedScrub tops and pants (for operating theatre medical personnel) are mostly right handed. Aside from the few styles that have pockets equally on each side, scrubs are right hand catered. I can’t tell you how many times I had to reach awkwardly into my lower right shirt pocket for a pen or utensil. (you can see from our pictures that this clothing is specifically right-handed!).
  • Worst one sided clothing for me is my shooting vest where despite their being two shoulder patches for mounting the gun, only the right side is padded, and as a lefty who mounts the gun the left, it’s a pain, literally.
  • Suit jackets have a lot of the pockets on the wrong sid – breast pocket and inside pocket, unless there is a full set each side, coin pocket, phone pocket, comb pocket, ticket pockets, especially those within main pockets.
  • Belt buckles: I wear my belt with the buckle on the right-hand side. My belt has the possibility to change the buckle for a different one (say a novelty or souvenir item), but then the buckle would be upside-down. So I’m convicted to using a plain buckle that can be used in either direction.
  • nures top right handedI am a dental nurse, so have to wear a standard nurses uniform with the pen pocket on the left! I suppose I (being a seamstress) could unpick them and re-stitch on the right side, but why don’t they make them to suit lefties as well?
  • Not strictly clothing, but I like costume pendant necklaces. The first thing I usually do on getting a new one is rethread the chain / cord to fasten the correct way (they always have the clip on the right when they come). However some have fixed chains, so I end up having to fasten the necklace at the front and swivel it round. Plus, on my half-asleep days, I have been known to get half way through the day before noticing I have fastened a necklace with the pendant facing inwards!
  • Ladies handbags are designed for right-handers and specifically to be shoulder / tote bags area laid out to be carried on the left shoulder. This means that the zip does up the wrong way for a leftie in that it’s at the back of the bag. Then inside, the phone pocket is harder to get to when you’ve got the bag on your right shoulder and any zipped compartments go the wrong way too. It would be easier if the bag didn’t have a front or back but most bags have something on them to mean that if you wear it on your right shoulder, it’s the back of the bag that’s visible rather than the front.
  • Saree right-handedIn India we women wear sarees and the difficulty for a lefty girl is that the pallu i.e. draping goes over the left shoulder so its always feels so uncomfortable. Moreover you cannot do any work with satisfaction as it is always a hindrance even if you pin it up it still is so so irritating. It is frustrating that have to wear Saree to weddings and other social gatherings and put a smile onto the face as if we are so comfortable in it!

    We can see how something like the saree in our picture would be a bit frustrating for a left-hander. We couldn't find any information or pictures of sarees that can be worn over the right shoulder – is wearing it on the left a design issue or a cultural requirement?


  • Fencing jackets – protection is only on one side, for right-handers
  • Oven mittens designed for right hand and with heat protection on the "wrong" side for a lefthander

If you have any thoughts on these items of clothing or any others that we have missed, please add them as a comment to the article on our website.

2. LHC Member January Sale 20% Off

If you have any money left after Christmas, we are giving you the chance to stock up on your favourite left-handed products for the start of the New Year with a big 20% reduction.

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20% Off Jan 2014
3. Left Left handed birthday dates

We get a lot of emails about Left Handers Day from Club Members saying that 13th August is their birthday! This got us thinking about whether there is any relationship between being left-handed and the time of year you are born and also whether that would be affected by whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. For example, if left-handers are more likely to be born in the summer months of June to August in the UK, should we expect more Australian left-handers to be born in those same months or in THEIR summer months of November to January?

My birthday dateWe found one study where the researcher claimed a larger than expected number of left-handers were born in November, but only with a very small sample size (33). A larger study by Chris McManus at the University of London (and author of the excellent book Right Hand, Left Hand) came to the conclusion that there was no seasonal trend in births of lefthanders. There is an article about Chris's study here, but he still only had 207 left-handers in total.

Another study concluded that slightly more left-handers than right-handers are born in the five months of March to July, all based on US data, but we cannot find anything looking at data across different countries.

Well, we have a much bigger sample of left-handers than any of these researchers and spread all over the world, so we thought we should do our own little study! Can you help us?

Please fill in the short from here to tell us where you are and your date of birth and we will do some analysis and see what we can come up with. We need as many left-handers as possible to take part so please take a few seconds to help now – Use this link to enter your birthday details

4. Language translation

We often get emails asking if we can send our newsletter out in other languages. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to do a full translation to all the languages for the countries all round the world where we have members but we have set up a translation facility on our website which seems to work pretty well.

Here is how it works…

View newsletter online Use the link at the top of your email newsletter to view the online version
Select language drop-down Click the "Select Language" drop-down at the top right of the page
Select language required Choose the language you want from the wide selection available.

You should fairly quickly see a pretty good translation of the newsletter!

Please let us know how you get on with this by posting a comment on our online version of this article.

5. Left-handed sports competitions – Curling

Curling left handedWe always try to promote special left-handed events whenever we get to hear about them and Lessia contacted us to tell us about the Lefthanders 2014 World Curling Championship at the Oakville Curling Club, Ontario, Canada, April 4 – 6, 2014 (and usually every year during the first week in April)

Facebook page

If you know about any other left-hander events just let us know and we will spread the word.

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2 comments on “LHC NL January 2014
  1. Lee from Australia says:

    I filled in my form with birthdate & place (born in US, but have been living in Australia for about 27 years now) and am intrigued to see the results broken down when released. However, I do have a serious inquiry that I’m hoping members or ATLH can assist with. I’m a member of an organisation that assists people with ADD/ADHD. At our Adult Support Group I have perioldically asked around the room as to who was left-handed. The results were surprising; it has varied between 20% to over 40%! I have seen one or two studies that posit that left-handidness is a ‘recessive’ genetic trait, and that people with ADHD have a higher percentage of left-handers than the general public [do]. I’ve also seen the opposite opinion. I’d like to know what your org. and the members know about any positive (OR negative) correlation of these two. This is not just for the members; also their friends, relatives, kids’schoolmates, etc etc. Depending upon the results of the rather unscientific ‘survey’ it could supply enough for someone to do a more serious, controlled study. It COULD generate new treatments/knowledge about ADD/ADHD for the future. I will track replies. Thanks

  2. Maureen Obuchowski says:

    Any data on right-handed children of left-handed people. My husband and I are both lefties and have three children. One is left-handed but the other two write with their right hands but do most other things with their left hands.
    Our daughter rides horses and years ago when she started training the instructor told me she had been having a hard time training her as a right-handed rider but when she switched to a left it was like magic. Other sports are also done as lefties for both of them. Thanks.

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