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Left Handers Club Newsletter – August 2013 (2)

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1. Left Handers Day – Report

Left Handers Day 2013

Thank you all for your support on Left Handers Day. We had a lot of interest from the media, did radio interviews with stations around the globe, had over 3,000 Likes for our Facebook page, hundreds of Tweets and nearly 200,000 visits to the website on just 13th August – so I think we can say we managed to spread the message! We'll do it all again next year 🙂

2. Back to school

Back to schoolWith children due to return to school soon, here are some of our most popular and helpful left-handed products to make life a bit smoother for them. As a Club Member you can get 15% off all of these products until September 10th using coupon code BTE8 (just enter it into the Coupon box on the shopping cart screen and then [Update] button to see your discount).   Note that this code is only for purchases on the Anything Left Handed website.

Left Handed ScissorsThe product that can make the biggest change straight away, especially for children just getting started. Blades reversed so you can see your cutting line and get a clean cut as you squeeze the blades together rather than bending the paper or card. We have a large range of sizes and styles for all ages.Use this link to see our video and order left handed scissors


Left handed scissors
Left Handed Cartridge PenMake smooth writing easy with our special left-handed nib pens. designed to be pushed across the page without scratching or blotting. We have a range of styles and colours to suit all ages.Use this link for details and order your left-handed cartridge pens Left handed cartridge pen
Non-smudge and ergonomic pensAvoid smudging by using our pens with special fast-drying ink and get a better writing position with the ergonomic Stabilo pens with left-handed body shape.Non-smudge pens

Stabilo Easy ergonomic pens

Non-smudge pen
Rulers, sharpeners and pencils and gripsDraw measured lines easily from right to left, sharpen pencils anti-clockwise and improve your writing gripLeft-handed rulers, sharpeners, pencils and grips Rulers. sharpeners, pencils, grips
Left handed children's setsCombinations of our most popular products in a zip bag and at a discounted priceLeft handed children's sets

Contents of our children's sets – choose the perfect set for your child

Children's Sets

New products

We recently added new left-handed models of cake server, craft knives, corkscrew, pencils, Yoropens and children's sets.

Use this link to see our most recently added products

Other Back To School Offers

Links to popular sites with discounted school supplies (not all items are left-handed)

Amazon USA Great deals on Back To School supplies from Amazon USA
Amazon UK Back to school bargains on Amazon UK
Ebay Find all you need for school at great prices on EbayUK    Back to school with Ebay United KingdomUSA    Back to school with Ebay USAUSA    Back to school with Ebay CanadaUSA    Back to school with Ebay Australia
The Works UK Supplier The Works have a great range of books, bags, stationery and learning aids and in their BLUE CROSS EVENT you can get 30% OFF! Thursday 22nd August to Monday Midnight on 26th August – Go to The Works website and use coupon code BLUECROSS30
Mister Art
Viking Get 10% off school supplies at Viking when you spend over than £40.00 excluding VAT. Use code BACKTO10 (ends capital O, one, zero)
3. One-sided clothing

Left handed tool beltsAfter our short feature on one-sided clothing last month, we got some interesting comments about other items that cause a problem for lefthanders:

  • Coin pockets in men's suit jackets
  • Bras, especially front fastening ones[Keith – I don't understand this one so please tell us about it!]
  • Nurse's uniforms seem to be made only in right-handed versions
  • Jacket zippers, for men and ladies, is there something “handed” about zips that is not obvious? Linda has such a problem that she ends up going around in winter with her coat undone!
  • Belts – most are designed with a symmetrical fastening so it doesn't matter which way you start threading them, but some have a “directional” buckle design and can end up being upside down if you do them the wrong way. We have started a Poll on our facebook page to see which way left-handers thread their belts and will let you know the result next time
  • Tool belts – these are clearer and need to be designed as a mirror image so the tools can be hung on the left hip. We have found some suppliers for left handed tool belts in the USA
  • Thomas says his shooting vest has patches on the front of both shoulders but only the one on the right is padded, so shooting left-handed is literally a pain!
  • Jessica tells us that most “scrubs” (sterilised medical theatre clothing) are right handed and cause her lots of problems as a lefthander.
  • And Barbara tells us… I recently found a lovely hair barrette with a butterfly design but when I was trying it out I quickly discovered that the clip was right handed, the butterfly was UPSIDE down. For the life of me, I could not get the barrette straight using my right hand and now it sits in a drawer. Evidently all my life (66 years) I have purchased plain barrettes where their was no upside or downside. We need left handed hair barrettes!

We will will leave this topic running for a while and would love to see some more of your ideas and comments – please add your thoughts to our article here

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